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Lego Sets Review

Legos are HOT right now! The new Lego movie just came out and there is merchandise everywhere to promote it.  Not to mention, the huge aisles filled with all these lego sets.  I love it because they have sets for both girls and boys!  My daughter enjoys them both, but lately has stepped up her girliness and loves all of the options that they have for girls.  

LEGO Canada

She will sit for at least an hour or so at a time, quietly working on one of these sets.  For those of you who know Ashley, there usually isn't anything quite about her!  These keep her little(big)brain working and keep her very entertained.  To be able to create something as fantastic, in this case, as a rock 'n roll stage is so satisfing for a child her age.  She can feel proud of herself because of what she can create.  Side note:  I did not put her in the 'baby jail'.  She decided this would be a good space so the dog would not get her pieces!

Each of these sets comes with a complete booklet of detailed step-by-step instructions.  My daughter is only 5 and she is able to follow these steps without a problem.  They are colorful, clear and concise, which makes them very easy to understand, even for those who do not know how to read yet.  

She is not done yet with her project.  It's nice because it does take her a little bit to complete, but not so long that she is going to get bored or discouraged.  I'm sure she'll be asking for more of these in the future, and I will gladly get them for her.  Working on these also works on her following direction skills, which she greatly needs, and her confidence, that she is able to complete something on her own.  She does not need any of the family to help her, so I can just continue to crochet!

LEGO Canada