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Piano Time

     Ashley has been taking piano lessons since last September (so about 6 months.)  It started through the college in town, IU.  We had gotten an email from her elementary school that IU was providing free lessons for children with no prior piano knowledge, ages 6-9.

     Great! I thought.  Although Ashley was only 5, I worked my magic when I called, and they accepted her. 

     The program was through the IU Jacobs School of Music.  The college students have to give lessons, in which they were then graded on.  

     It went pretty well for the semester.  Ashley went twice a week for 30 minutes each time, for about 12 weeks.  She wasn't a huge fan of getting piano lessons, but, hey, it was free!

     Ashley actually picked it up really quickly, when she would focus.  Her teacher was/is impressed at how well she can do for her age.  

     After the semester and free lessons ended, her instructor offered to continue doing lessons with Ashley (for $$ of course!)

     We were able to have her come to the house, which makes it so much easier so I don't have to drag Lilly with us!  Now she comes once a week for about an hour at a time.  

     Ashley loves it when she is able to play a song she knows.  It obviously goes a lot better when she likes the material, or knows it even.  

     Here's the hard part.  Now, I'M the one that is slowing down progress.  I remember, when I took lessons as a child, my mother had me practice for 30 minutes a day, each day.  I was old enough and able to do these practices on my own though.  Ashley, on the other hand, needs my help.  If I just let her do it on her own, she'd just hit random notes and be done with it. 

     My problem is I never get her to the piano to practice.  If I do, it's usually quickly, when we get home, right before her weekly lesson.  Oops!  I know I need to get better at this, even if it's only for 15 minutes a night.  

     Here are the excuses (LOL).   Once I pick up Ashley from school we get home around 330 (if I don't have any errands).  Then they both want a snack, then we need to clean, I need to make dinner, we need to eat, I need to clean up from dinner, give them baths, and then get Lilly to bed.  WHEW!  There's not a whole lot of time to squeeze in practice.  Doing ift after Lilly goes to bed is not an option either, for obvious reasons.  

I guess I really just need to get it in right when we get home, before snacks.  

I'll do that from now on....

I promise...

Or, I'll at least think about it anyway, whilst I'm doing the million other chores fabulous things, for my family.