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Warmth In The Midst Of Winter!

This has been the longest winter EVER!

It started snowing towards the beginning of December, and it has not stopped.  Not only have we not been able to see the ground in the past few months, it has been cold.  I'm not meaning I have to wear a hat and coat cold.  I mean, Holy Mother Nature my hair is frozen the second I walk out the door cold!  Needless to say, we were all ready for a break in this.
We have barely seen our neighbors all winter.  We are the type of neighborhood, that in the summer, we see everyone, everyday!  The children are all each others best friends.  They really feel like extended family.  During this winter, though, we've all been cooped up in our houses.  Nobody wants to go outside unless we have to. So, we've all had a bit of cabin fever.  Thankfully there is always Facebook to keep up with everyone!!

This weekend, it all changed, if only for a day.  The clouds broke, the sun came out blaring, and it was 60 degrees out!

It was a preview of the summer, and I loved every second of it.

I was so excited to get out with the girls.  We took a walk, Lilly in the stroller and Ashley on her scooter.  Even our dog Daisy got to come on the walk with us!  This is the first walk I could take her on since we got her in December.  We were all so happy to be out enjoying our neighborhood again!  And so was everyone else!  I think anyone who had a young child, or a dog, was out walking.  It was so refreshing to see.

It was a perfect day to vacuum the car as well.  While vacuuming, my oldest got out her bike, and went riding in the pre-approved area, mailbox to mailbox, with the other neighbor children.  It makes me so happy to see them riding together.  They have so much fun being together, and I feel so blessed to live where I do, around amazing people that are truly more than just neighbors, but really good friends.  Anyways, the children were all riding bikes, and the next thing you see are all the bikes parked in front of one of the neighbors house, and all the kids walking to the back to play.  Later they get back on the bikes, and then end up in our backyard.

The day ended, and the next day it started getting cold again.  We will probably have at least another month of cold winter weather.

At least we got a glimpse of summer, if only for a day!