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Playing the Pianao

     I posted a week ago or so about my daughter taking piano lessons.  The piano in our house used to be my grandfathers, and I feel so blessed that my daughter is playing on it now.  When thinking about my grandfather I think of two things, him playing solitaire at the table, and, him playing the piano.  He didn't just play, he played it beautifully.  It was such a passion for him, and you could just sit and listen to him play for hours.  My family was really close, and my cousins and I all took piano lessons.  We wanted to learn what our grandfather just knew how to do naturally.
     Like everything though, it doesn't just come to a person, they have to practice to perfect their craft.  My grandfather's mother made him practice for two hours every day!  No wonder he was amazing!  As a teen, when I took lessons, I would complain to my mother when she made me practice for just 30 minutes a day (if that).

     Now as a mom myself, I understand the importance of having your child practice, especially when you are paying for their lessons!

     Anyways, I digress.

     I was able to play again for a little bit today.  Tickled the ivory, if you will.  My hands, placed where my grandfathers once were felt at home again.  I wish sitting at my grandfather's piano could give me half the talent he had.  I haven't really sat down with a sheet of music in a long time.  Usually, I just go, play the beginning of two songs that I know, and then walk away.

     I miss playing.  I really do.  It was relaxing to play, read the music, and have it all come back to me.  Granted it was a song I've played many times, so it was still familiar to my fingers.  I wish I had more time to play.  But even today, as I was playing, Lilly was running around downstairs, proving that tornadoes, inside a house, really do exist!

     Alas, after about 20 minutes, I stopped and tended to Lilly and the house once more.  I hope to take more time to practice in the future.  Put down the computer, put down the crochet hook and sit and relax at the piano.  Maybe I can get a song fully together, by the time I open windows, so that neighbors and passerbys can hear the music flowing from my house.

     I'm sure my family would love to hear it anyways, during the hustle and bustle of our busy days.