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If You Give a Teacher a Student

I'm an elementary teacher and it's what I love to do.  I'm so happy that I chose this profession, and I couldn't imagine doing anything else.  I used to substitute a lot and I would often get put in the younger grades.  One of my favorite books to read, was the "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie" series.  They are fun books that all students love.  Because of my love for these books, I have written a few different parodies: 

I have made another one, and honestly, I feel like this is my favorite one.        

If you give a teacher a student, 
Chances are she will give her all to teach him.  

To do this, she'll probably ask for some pencils and paper. 
When she has the pencil and papers, the teacher will sit with the student for hours. 
The student will struggle
Most likely, the student will ask for a break break. 
When the teacher gives the student a brain break,
they turn on the music to dance a little.  

After dancing to get the wiggles out, 
the teacher will ask the student if they want a drink or a bathroom break
The student will say "yes"
When their wiggles are all out, the teacher will ask the student to take a deep breath as they start their work again. 
The teacher will pull out all the tricks she's learned over the years to help this one student. 
No matter what else she has on her plate in her own life, each student is important to her. 
The teacher won't get frustrated with the student at all, but will be patient. 
With the start of each new day,
The teacher asks the student to trust her. 
She will ask him to be patient with her. 
She will tell him that he IS important, and he has a bright future. 

Most likely, the teacher will do all she can to let her student know he has purpose. 
They will get back to work, studying along with the rest of the class. 
Slowly, the teacher will see her dedication paying off. 
The student continues to ask questions in class and the teacher continues to strengthen his knowledge.
When the student smiles, the teacher will smile back
When the teacher smiles back,
The student will feel that the teacher really does care for him
They will form a bond that will last for years. 
The teacher will continue to ask questions.
With all the questions and conversations, there will be hands raised all day long.
Even though the class is filled with many bright eyed students, the teacher knows they each are perfectly different and need her in different ways. 

So chance are, if you give her another student, 
She will give her all to teach him.  


  1. I love this! I am a teacher and I used to read these books to my nephew.

  2. What a sweet interpretation of a well-loved book. Teachers are so deserving of appreciation, I owe so much to the many that I have had over the years. Thank you for the difference you are making in the lives of your students!

  3. This made me smile, it’s always a wonderful experience when a meaningful bond is form with student and teacher.


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