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Newborn Photo Prop Outfits Part 1

When my son was just about 10 days old, we had an amazing photo shoot done at our house by our friend and our children's babysitter.  Before he was born, though, I scoured the internet for the perfect photo props for him.  I hadn't done this with my girls, and I'm pretty bummed about it.  I would have loved to make a variety of girl photo outfits for them.  At least I was able to do it for my son though!                       
Obviously there are tons of designs out there, and tons of patterns for each design, but these are the ones I narrowed it down too.  I have attached the picture of my finished project, modeled by my handsome son, along with a link to the ETSY pattern.  It's really hard to pick a favorite, but if I had to, I'd say my favorite was him in the Pea in a Pod prop.  This pattern also works as a banana if you do it in yellow with a brown stem. Crochet is so amazing because there are so many possibilities out there, and so many talented pattern writers.  I have many patterns of my own, and some original newborn photo props (you can find them here), but for this post, I wanted to highlight some other awesome creators! 


It's so hard to believe that this was 5 years ago.  5 YEARS AGO!!  How did that happen?  I feel like it was just yesterday when I was cuddling my tiny little boy.  Although I can't fit him in these adorable outfits anymore, he still likes my crocheted items.  He wears all the hats I make him, loves the stuffies, and especially loves the pop holders that I make.  I'm not sure how much longer he'll think mom's stuff is cool (my almost 12 year old is getting close...), but I'm going to treasure every moment I can with this bundle of joy.  Just for reference....this is my handsome boy today.  He's all boy, and tall for his age.  I love him so! 


  1. Your outfits were adorable. I have made many outfits for my 6 grandchildren and they really become keepsakes for the kids. Great job!


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