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If You Give a Crocheter a New Skein of Yarn...

In a previous post I mentioned how much I love the story "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie", and all the subsequent ones that were made.  I had then made up my own version called "If You Give a Mom a Coffee", which you can read here.  I decided it would also be fun to do one for croheters.  So here it is:

If you give a crocheter a skein of yarn,

Chances are, it will inspire her to start a new project.

She will then realize that one skein is not enough.

So, she'll look in her yarn room (because we all have one) and realize she doesn't have that particular yarn.

Once she realizes she needs more, she'll go to the store.

Chances are, at the store, she'll get distracted by all the different yarns.

While looking, touching and, heck, daydreaming about at all the yarn, new projects start popping in her head.

She'll forget about the original reason she was there and pick up a new skein.

Once at the register, she'll realize she is not really utilizing her coupons very well, so she'll go get more yarn (to make it worth the trip of course).

When the crocheter gets home, she'll grab her coffee, her snack and turn on her favorite show to listen to, while she crochets.

While listening to her show, she busily crochets until her fingers get sore (like that stops any of us) and finishes up one portion of her new project.

She'll look up the pattern for the second part on her computer and another pattern link will catch her eye.

Chances are, she'll spend the next 30 minutes bookmarking new patterns.

While browsing through new and exciting patterns, she finds another one that she wants to try out.

Forgetting about the one she was already working on, she looks for the new hook she'll need for this new and exciting project.

She then remembers she left that hook in the car.

When she can't find her hook in the car, she'll go back to her "crochet station" and continue to look for it.

After a little bit, she realizes it was just in her pocket the whole time.

Once she sits down, she'll turn on Pandora instead.

While listening to her favorite station, she hears Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun"

Upon hearing the word black over and over again, she'll be reminded of the black skein her friend gifted her,

And chances are,

It will inspire her to start yet another new project!


  1. Love it! I loved these books when my kids were younger. I did a tribute to this book once too about procrastination. I loved your version and wish I could crochet! My mom tried to teach me for sure!

    1. They are definitely a lot of fun to create aren't they!

  2. I tried to learn Crochet from my Grandmom who is an expert. I only know how to make a chain . Like your article. Very nice.

    1. I learned from my Grandma as well! You should check out youtube videos for tutorials on crocheting. There are some great ones out there!

  3. Haha so true! It's a never-ending cycle!

  4. Haha This Is hilarious!! I don't even crochet but I love those Mouse books! So clever of you!

  5. This is so funny and so true! I have so many almost-finished projects I need to work on LOL

    1. LOL, but there's always a new one that's too exciting to wait to start!

  6. this is funny! My friend is just like this

  7. Love this! I need to get back to crocheting. I haven't done it in SO long. I'll have to dig out my supplies soon!

  8. You have just described me to a tee! I have so many unfinished projects, both crochet and sewing. I really need to finish them!

  9. I love "if you give a mom a coffee"! Hilarious!


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