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Home Work Out

I'm a mom, and I desperately want/need to work out.  I say want, but the need part of that is much stronger.  If I "wanted" to work out, I would.  I wouldn't complain, or find excuses, I'd just do it.  Well no time like the present right?  Working from home, kids are getting a little older, slightly more time on my hands.  This is THE PERFECT time to start up again!  Right?!?

Well, sure it is!  But I find it really hard to keep myself motivated.  I can't be alone, I'm sure this is common for a lot of people.  Since the last quarter of school was E-learning, my oldest daughter missed her track season.  While track for her is mostly throwing events, she does do running too.  The track coach sent her some workouts to do to stay in shape during this time.  I told her I would do the running with her.  And I did!  Only for about a month or so though.  I got bored.  ANNNDD...running is hard.  Especially in my neighborhood.  All the hills were killing me.  Well not literally, but enough to discourage me from continuing.  I was getting better too!  Each time we went, I did it quicker than the time before.  

Anyways, my husband's gym had closed down as well during this time, and he needed something more routine that he could do.  I mean, there are only so many already cut down trees that he can split into firewood!  Although there's a lot, he wanted something a little different.  

So he created our own workouts that he, my daughter and I could do in our basement!  It's perfect.  I can't complain that it's too hot/cold out to leave the house.  I can't complain that I have nobody to watch the kids.  And I can't complain that I don't have the time.  I'm a teacher doing e-learning, and now currently out for the summer.  This is the perfect time to try this and see how well it goes. 

First we had to gather all the exercise equipment that we have in the house.  Whatever you have, I'm sure you can find an exercise or two to go with it.  Here is what we have, and links if it's something you want to purchase.  


These are needed to start and end each workout.  We use them to roll out our legs, butt and back.  It really does help decrease pain and soreness in the following days.  

Box Step
We had this one made for us, but you can find similar ones online that work well.  These are great for jumps (I don't think you'll catch me doing those though!) and step ups.  You can adjust the height based on which side you lay them on.  Great addition to any workout!

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You really could use regular small dice, but these are fun and keep things exciting! These are used to pick the exercises that we are doing that day.  This way it keeps it random and different each time.  

Kettlebells come in many weights.  You would have to figure out which weight is best for you.  These are the only ones we have, so we make them work for my daughter and I.  My husband will tend to use a dumbbell instead.  

Medicine Ball
These are also another weighted item that is good for certain exercises.  We like to use them for chest passes.  You have to have a long space though to be able to do them.  

We use these for Farmer's Carries.  You could obviously use these for free standing weight lifting exercises as well.  

We use these for jumps

When we roll the dice to pick the workouts, we write them down so we don't forget!

After you get all your supplies together, you need to figure out your exercises that you want to include.  If you are using just 3 dice like we did, then you'll need to have 18 exercises listed, one for every possible number combination.  Make sure when you are picking them, you include exercises that hit all your muscles (ie, calfs, thighs, glutes, arms, abs, cardio and so on).  This is how my husband set up our list.  

We actually have been talking about adding more exercise options.  We will replace on of the rolls with a 4 dice roll to be able to have more options.   Here's how this setup works for us.  

We will do 5 rounds of 6 different exercises. 

Exercise 1 : Roll one die - get the exercise
                    Roll one die - get the multiplier (multiply this number by the reps number)
                                ie: If the first roll was a 4 and the second roll was a 3, you would do  6 Side Lunges on                                 each side.  
Exercise 2: Roll two dice - get the exercise
                    Roll one die - get the multiplier

Exercise 3: Roll three dice - get the exercise
                    Roll one die - get the multiplier

Exercise 4: Roll one die- get the exercise
                    Roll one die - get the multiplier

Exercise 5: Roll two dice - get the exercise
                    Roll one die - get the multiplier

Exercise 6: Roll three dice - get the exercise
                    Roll one die - get the multiplier

We have been doing this for a while now and it has been a great way to make each workout different.  I struggle with getting bored, but when you barely ever have a workout that is the same, it doesn't become so tedious.  

With our setup, we have a decent sized basement, with a wall/fireplace in the middle.  We make it a full circuit, so we are going in a circle as we hit each station for each exercise.   This could be done in a smaller space depending on the workouts that you choose.  You could even do all body workouts, where you don't need any equipment.  This would decrease the space you need greatly.  These workouts would include: air squats, planks, push ups, lunches, wall sits, wall presses, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, burpees, skaters, and more!  

It's up to you if you want to add a "finisher" at the end.  My husband and daughter are good about using our driveway as a finisher.  Its 400ft and has quite a slope uphill.  They will start and finish the workout with running the whole thing.  I have yet been able to do this fully, but maybe one day! 


  1. I so needed this blog,inspired me ��

  2. I like the dice idea. Keeps you from skipping the hard exercises all the time.


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