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FREE Wolf and Basketball Ice Pop Holder

This is my third, and most likely last, installment of ice pop holders.  I say that, but if my kids ask me to make another animal or item, I could probably be persuaded!  I have made a unicorn and mermaid for my younger daughter, a dino and giraffe for my son, and finally I made a basketball and "wolf" for my oldest daughter.  I put wolf into quotes because that is what I intended to make.  When I finished, everyone agreed it looked more like a donkey than anything!  LOL.  I debated on whether or not to redo it for the sake of this post, but I thought otherwise.  Even people like me, who love to make patterns, make mistakes.  I wanted to show that even mistakes could be a little happy accident!  It can help you create new things!  I try to embrace the mistakes and learn from them.  Now if I ever wanted to make a donkey, I have a good starting point!
As I have said in previous posts, these freeze pop holders are perfect to keep little hands comfortable.  My kids used to complain about how cold it was holding onto the pops, and this is the perfect solution.  I can't wait for the COVID to pass, so my kids can start having their friends over.  I have good size stash for everyone to be able to use them.

You can find the basic pattern here


4mm hook for all pieces
4ply yarn in the needed color
crochet needle for sewing in pieces


Ok, so this one really isn't much of a pattern, but sometimes, just seeing the item is a pattern enough.  I sewed onto the basic pattern by using a yarn needle to do a slip stitch embroider.  This is a really good video to show the technique.  I use it for all my names and embroidering needs!



Start with gray (leave a tail for sewing)
Row 1: ch 2, sc 1
Row 2: turn, ch 1,  2sc in st                                  
Row 3: turn, ch1,  sc in each st (2)
Row 4: turn, ch1,  sc in each st (2)
Change to white
Row 5: turn, ch 1,  sc in each st (2)
Row 6: turn, ch 1,  2sc in each st (4)
Row 7: turn, ch 1,  sc in each st (4)
Row 8: turn, ch 1, sc dec 2 times (2)
tie off and weave in ends.

EARS (make two)
Row 1: ch 2, sc in 1st stitch
Row 2: turn,  ch 1,  sc in the one stitch (1)
Row 3: turn, ch 1,  2sc in the one stitch (2)
Row 4: turn, ch 1, sc in 1st st, 2 sc in next (3)
Row 5: turn, ch 1, sc in each stitch (3)
leave a long tail to sew on.
With white:
With a yarn needle, sew on the white spot onto the ears. 


With white
Round 1: Sc 2, 8hdc in 1st stitch, sl st to the first hdc to close off.  Leave a tail to sew on.
With black piece and needle, sew on the mouth and nose to the white circle.

Sew all the pieces onto the main holder, and sew onto the eyes as you did the mouth and nose.