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Wall Hanging Name Plates - Free Crochet Pattern!!

A long time ago, I made my daughter a wall hanging name plate.  Problem is, she used to be 5/6 and still into girly colors.  The name plate was pink and purple and that is definitely not her style anymore.  She wanted a new one, for her new room, that was red, black and gray. 

I looked online, and I was surprised to find that there wasn't a pattern already made for something as simple as this.  The only ones I seemed to find looked more like doilies, and not what we had wanted.  So I decided, that while I made hers, I would make one for my other daughter and my son as well, and write up the pattern as I did it.  

I know the new favorite stitch seems to be the C2C stitch, and ideally this would look really pretty and be easier to connect my squares, but I went with a simple single crochet.  The reason I used single crochet was because I needed a simple even stitch so that it would be easier and more neat when I sew on the letters.  You could also sew it as one big rectangle, but I like the look of border color also separating each letter square.

Hook size: Can be whatever you have, but I like a G (4.0mm) hook because it creates tighter stitches
Yarn:  4 ply worsted weight yarn.  Make sure you use the same type of yarn, or else things get a little wobbly
Needle: any darning needle will do
Hook:  you could always buy a command hook to hang it

First lets start with the SQUARES:

Row 1: ch 16
Row 2-16: sc in each st across.  
Tie off and sew in the ends. 

Next you will need to stitch on your letters.  I use the style in this video to do that:

    Once you have all your squares done, you'll need to attach them.
    • To attach the squares put them back to back, so that when you open them up they one letter is on top of the next. 
    • Sl stitch into the first space, ch 1, sc in the same space and in the next 14 st across.
    • Cut the yarn and tie off pieces in the back of your work.

    Then, you'll need to do your border.  I did a different border for all 3 of my name plates.  But, for ALL of them, I started with a simple single crochet all the way around.  Start by attaching the yarn to the bottom of the piece, ch 1 and then sc in all of the stitch around, making sure to do 3 sc in each corner.  

    - I did a basic PICOT STITCH for hers. 
    • sl stitch into first sc, ch 3, sl st into same space and into next space.  Repeat all the way around.  

    - I did a PUFF STITCH border
    • Hdc in first sc, then an hdc popcorn stitch around that post, skip next sc.  Repeat
    • See video on this page for clarification:

    - I did a CRAB STITCH for his border
    • This is just sc but from left to right.  When you sc in the opposite direction, it forms this awesome border!

    Finally, you'll need to add the hanging portion.  
    • Slip stitch in the back of your work, on the edge of the first square. 
    • Chain 45 or so to reach desired length, then slip stitch into the other side of that first square. 
    • Ch 1 and sl stitch into each chain back across to the other side. 
    • Cut yarn and tie off. 

    That's it!  They are pretty fun to make.  My kids got to choose the colors they wanted, and I found a border that I think matched their personalities.  Let me know if you make one and what you chose to do!