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A Parody of "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie"

I love the series of "If You Give A...." books.  Whenever I was teaching in a classroom, I always knew these would be a hit with all the children.  I decided I would make a parody of these stories and had a lot of fun creating it.  

Melissa and Doug

If you give a mom a coffee,
Chances are, she is going to want some creamer.
When she goes to the fridge to get it, the toddler will see her milk in the fridge and start crying for it.
While she sits her toddler down to drink her milk, the toddler will want some crackers to go with it.
When she goes to the pantry to get the crackers, she'll remember she needs to make something for dinner.
She'll go look online at  to find something new to make.
Chances are, she'll get bored looking at food and she'll browse Facebook, to see what is going on with everyone.
She'll remember it's her In Law's birthday next week and needs to go buy a card.
She'll bundle up the kids to go to the store and get the card.
While at the store, her kids see a new game that they want to buy with their gift cards they got for Christmas.
Chance are she'll have to deal with tantrums in line because she won't let them get the millions of chocolate candies in front of them.
She calms them down, check outs, and gets back in the car to go home.
Once she gets home the kids will want to play their new game.
If she plays their new game with them, they'll want to play a bajillion times.
Finally she stops letting them win, they lose, and get bored with playing.
She'll put her little one down for a nap.
Chances are, her oldest will take this opportunity to have Mommy time and wants to read a book to her.
While reading the book, one slow word at a time, she'll remember that she has a dinner date with her husband and friends this weekend.
She'll call her favorite babysitter, but she's not available.
So she'll call her back-up sitter and book her for the night.
She'll remember that she needs to clean the house before she has an outsider see the mess.
She'll start by clearing out all the old leftovers in the fridge.
While in the fridge she sees the creamer.
When she sees the creamer, she'll remember how tired she is, and,
Chances are, she'll want a coffee.


  1. Haha this was a great mom remake of the book. Too funny. I could always go for a cup of coffee!

  2. Okay, I am seriously laughing out loud. As a teacher, I am VERY familiar with this series of books. The thing about your post, is that it is funny because it's TRUE! Coffee is this mom's lifeblood, but it also gives me a bit of mom ADD where I try to multi-task my multi-tasking! Thank you so much for the laugh!

    1. Thank you so much! That's so nice of you. I may have been giggling as I wrote it as well.

  3. Hahaha.. Enjoyed reading it. Well done!

  4. ROFL... This one is so good...Seems you just described my every day routine...hehehehe..

    1. Lol. Thank you! I think us moms get pulled in so many directions it gets a little crazy sometimes!

  5. Haha, this is such a good parody! I've actually not heard of this book before, but will have to buy it for my niece, who's 3. I'm sure her parents will be able to relate to your version of events!

    1. It's a great book. There's actually a few of them "If you give a Moose a Muffin", "If you take a Mouse to the Movies" "If you give a Pig a Cupcake" and so on.

  6. This is such a fun parody! I'm intrigued to read the actual book now.

  7. This is so true and funny!!! We have all of these books at our house.

  8. What a great alternative to the book! Sounds like a day in the life of a mom for sure!

    1. No kidding. Being pulled in all directions is what we're made for!

  9. Thanks for the good laugh! I know what you mean. We sometimes just need to see the humor in things to get us through the day.

    Mae |


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