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Best Selling Crochet Items For a Fall Craft Fair

I love doing craft fairs.  It's so fun for an artist to actually be out and interacting with her future customers.  Being able to talk with them, and see which items they gravitate towards is so useful in my business.  I can see, and hear, first hand, their thoughts on different products.

From being at multiple craft fairs, I have learned so much, including:

  • Their thoughts on pricing. 
  • If the products are something they would actually buy.
  • If they think the products being displayed are good quality.
  • What sizes are most popular.  
  • and more...
I have learned these things through talking with customers AND just watching their interactions with the items in my booth, and what they may say to their family and friends about that item.  

I feel like I have a good grasp as to what will and won't sell at these craft fairs.  The hardest time of year to sell crocheted items, has to be the warmer weather months.  I started compiling a list of items that sell well during this time to help other people out.  You an find that list here.  

Then, I realized that it would be helpful to create some more lists for the other times of the year.  I'm hoping to help out people who are new to the crochet and fair business and who could use help in this area.  It's no fun bringing items that don't sell.  I've been there.  I've had good fair days and bad fair days, and along the way I have learned a lot.  

Here are some great ideas to help get your inventory ready for those FALL craft fairs! I'm sure that there are other items that sell well, in fact I'm positive, but I am posting the ones that I have personal experience with.  These items do in fact sell, and sell well.  

DECOR - A lot of people LOVE Fall.  It's one of my favorite seasons, and there are many who are right there with me.  People love to decorate for the different seasons, and Fall is filled with beautiful colors to adorn your home with.  The two main items that sell for me in this category are wreaths and stuffed pumpkins.
Kids especially love these cute little pumpkins, but they are also great to decorate the home! They are easy and quick to make!

These wreaths are pretty popular.  They are actually very easy to make as well!

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WEARABLES - Unlike most people, I actually love it when the craft fair is outside and it is COLD.  You wouldn't believe how many more hats and scarves I sell on these days!  There are so many styles that sell well but I'll just show you some of the favorites.  Also, I wanted to note, that a lot of people have asked me if I have fingerless gloves for sale.  Their hands are so cold they are just looking for something to warm up.  I've never had them at my booth, so I don't know how well they would sell, but I have been asked many times!

Pom Pom Hats
These are fun because you can make them in many different color combos, for girls and boys! (pom poms optional!)

Viking Hats
These sell like crazy!  They are definitely one of my top selling hat!

Curly Que Wigs
How fun are these hats! People love them, and even though they take a little more time to make all those curls, they are real easy!

Turkey Leg Hat
Can you picture this on a little baby?  I've sold them for multiple sizes, but I seem to sell more for the younger crowd.

Pumpkin Hats
These pumpkin hats are also big sellers at September and October fairs!

Puppy Scoodie 
These are so fun!  Kids love them and adults to because it keeps them warm.  

Owl Scoodie

Chunky Infinity Scarf
I've sold quite a few of these on the cold days!  I even have one that I wear to show off at the fairs! It's super warm, and stylish. 

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BABY - All year round, people love buying for babies!  Honestly this one is good any time of year, but here are my best sellers.

Peapod Newborn Photo Prop
I'm a bit partial to these pictures because my son is the model, but people LOVE buying these for parents to-be!  Sellers tip: Display a picture of it in use.  When it's just lying on a table, it's hard to really see what it's for!

Elf Stocking Hat

Stuffed Jellyfish
These were HUGE last year and I suspect the craze will continue.  These are easy and fun to make, so  you can whip up a few quickly for your fairs.

Stuffed Unircorn
Unicorns are very popular lately so people love this stuffed animal!

Baby Booties
Booties are another one of those items that people love to buy for future babies!

Baby Security Blankets
These are great because they come in a variety of animals!  Another very popular baby item! 

MISCELLANEOUS - These are the random ones that don't fall in a specific category.

Mermaid Tail Blankets
Mermaid Tail blankets have been around for a couple of years now but people still seem to love them!

Animal Purses
Animal purses are HUGE at my craft fairs.  The kids absolutely love them and parents do as well because they are not very pricey.  People also like buying them for gifts.  

Light sabers are another one of my top sellers.  I put them right out front, and once people see them, young and old, they have to pick them up to play with.  These particular ones are made with styrofoam so they keep their shape well, and are safe for play!

If you would love to have one of the items and just don't want to make it, feel free to visit my shop to purchase it: Square Market Shop

Let me know if there are any items that sell well for you at your craft fairs!  I"m always looking for new ideas.  


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