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9 Back To School Crochet Items Your Student Actually Needs!

As my kids get older, I worry about them actually wanting to have crocheted items.  When it comes to school items, the ones that I usually see are ones that aren't really useful for kids these days.  I have seen some great ones though, and wanted to put them all together in a post. 

I think this is super cute for markers in particular.  And you can make it less girly just by changing out the border and adding a different motif other than a flower. 

There are a ton of crochet bookmarks out there, but this is by far my favorite one.  Perfect to use for those reading chapter books!

If you have a kiddo who has a hard time sitting still, this may be the perfect idea for them.  They put this on their arm, and they can play around with what is on there with their hands, while still listening to the teacher.  It's quiet so it's not a big distraction to the others, and it will actually help your little one focus! 

There are a few crocheted backpacks out there, but I thought this one was adorable.  This creator makes a few of the animal ones that has a big stuffed animal head on them.  Perfect for any young kiddo going to school!

These pencil toppers are super cute to add flair to any pencil!  The author has many other animals she's made too. 

A lot of kiddos bring lunches to school, so this is perfect for them.  

With everything going around now, it's important for your kids to have their own stash of tissues.  This cute little pouch would be perfect to hold them in. 

I haven't seen a classroom where the teacher didn't allow the kids to have a water bottle with them.  If they had this handy little holder, they would be able to transport it around easily.


I think these are awesome.  They might not necessarily be for your kids, but you could make it for their teacher as a welcome back gifts!