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9 Crocheting Pinterest Group Boards

Pinterest boards are great!  When I first started Pinterest, I just thought it was all about pinning things you found useful, and following people.  I mean, that is basically the main take away from it.  Pinterest is so much more than that though.  It can help you if your a blogger, a designer, a business person, or just the ever day person looking to get the most of it.  I've realized that becoming part of group boards are essential to getting everything you can out of Pinterest.  When you become part of a group board, you are exposed to so many more people and followers.  Your pins that come up are going to multiply, AND so will the amount of people who see yours.

As a pattern designer, and a blogger, it is imperative that I became a contributor to some of these group boards.  I wanted to join these boards for the great reach they get, and the variety of followers. There are a few ways to look for the right boards for you.  You can go to sites such as pingroupie, to find boards, or you can simply go to the search feature on Pinterest.  I have done both ways.  When searching on Pinterest, you need to add key terms to the end such as community board, or group board.  For example, I typed in Crocheting group board, or Crochet community board etc, to find some.

Once you find a group board that interests you, you'll need to check the stats, if that matters to you.  I honestly did not want to waste my time with boards that have under 1,000 followers.  Keeping up with your group boards can be time consuming, so I want that time to be well spent.  Therefore, I checked how many followers there were, and how many contributors.  The contributor number wasn't a big deal breaker for me, but I figured if there were over 500, my pins may get lost in the shuffle too often.

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Next, you need to read the rules.  In the description paragraph the owner of the board will state whether or not they are accepting contributors and how to apply.  Usually, applying just means following the owners Pinterest account, and either messaging them through Pinterest, or email.  It's really pretty easy.  The description will also list the rules.  These are usually pretty short and sweet, letting you know how often you're allowed to pin, how many items per day, and what topics the pins need to pertain to.

Now the part you've been waiting for!


You can just search for these names in Pinterest and they will come up.  When writing this post, the followers are all up to date, and the boards are all still accepting contributors.

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  • expand your followers
  • expand your reach
  • get more people to your blog
  • get your pattern seen by people outside your circle
  • more purchases from you pattern and items.  

If you want to follow me on Pinterest, you can do so by clicking here, which will direct you to my boards.  Are you part of any great Pinterest Crochet/Craft groups that is not listed?  I'd love for you to let me know and I can add it!  Happy Pinning!