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Ninja Course For the Win!

I've said it before, COVID ruined our summer plans!  We had plans to vacation back east to visit family.  We had the girls signed up for sport camps all through the summer.  And we had plans to throw in some day trips such as the pool, the Children's Museum, and the Zoo.  ALL of those plans were canceled.  All those fun summer days, were just a sad memory of what could have been.  Now my children can't seem to find ANYTHING to do but be on their electronics.   Well we had to put a stop to that! 

We have trees, and I mean a LOT of trees on our property.  Our actually yard space is pretty tiny and uneven, so pools and swing sets are really out of the question.  We started looking at Ninja Line Obstacle Courses.  We scoured the internet, and Amazon, to find the one with the best reviews for the best price.  We landed on The TrailBlaze SlackLine Kit and Sunny and Fun Obstacle Course Set (which is currently out of stock so I suggest this one:Trailblaze Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course


We started with setting up the TrailBlaze SlackLine Kit.  We found two trees that were a good distance apart and put the bottom line on.  One of the greatest thing about these two items that we choice, is the tree saver piece that comes with it.  

This tree saver helps protect the tree by putting a piece of felt between the tree and the slack line.  The slack line gets pulled real tight, so without this piece, it would cut into the tree, which would hurt it and eventually start killing it.  Once we got the bottom slack line on, we put the guide line on top. This kit is made so that you really don't need it, but for beginners, you definitely need the top line to hold on to.


That's it!  It was easy as that to set up.  The kit also comes with a small piece of slack line to use as a balance helper.  This worked perfect for us.  The top line was the perfect height for our oldest and the balance helper worked perfect for our little two.  

Since our two youngest are still short, in order to help them get up on the line and balance it at the same time, we added that stump next to the start point.  You can see that in the picture with my son.  That way I don't have to be out there to help them get on.  

The next day, we installed the obstacle course.  This one was a little harder to install, only because we (my husband) had to get on a ladder to get the slack line up.  The instructions help you figure out how high you need to place it based on the height of your tallest child.  This set also comes with a tree saver which is great.  You need to use the ratchet on the slack line to make sure you get it nice and tight.  

Once we (again my husband) got the top line up, we had to attach the hanging pieces.  These are completely customizable.  You can put them in any order, and as close or far apart as possible.  We chose to put them all right next to each other because of their short little arms, but maybe in another couple years we'll be able to separate them a bit for more of a challenge. 

This one is a little harder for my younger two to use. They need a boost up to be able to reach the hanging toys.  They do enjoy using the ladder though.  You would think the ladder is just for getting up enough to reach the hanging knots, but the ladder is fun just by itself!  It's really challenging for them to climb it because it moves all around when you get on it.  The little two like that part the best I think.  My oldest likes the bars.  She's practicing going upside down on them and all that.  

There are plenty more spots where you can hook more obstacles to the slack line.  We did buy them a disc swing to add to it but we haven't gotten it up yet.  To attach other things to the line, we need carabiner clips and the swing didn't come with one.  We told them we would eventually get some more items, but for now this is enough.  

Overall, I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has trees in their yard to attach it to.  All 3 of my kids have fun on it, ages 5-12.  They can go outside and have something to play with, which was my main goal.  It's easy to assemble, and its great because you can customize it by adding some more pieces of your choosing.  


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