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5 Giveaways For Your Craft Fair

Now that I have craft fairs down to a science (almost), I want to start adding giveaways into the mix. People love free stuff.  Heck I love free stuff myself.  Even just the chance of winning something, will entice people to come check out your booth!  I've been doing some research to figure out some different ideas and I have come up with a list of 5 fun giveaway ideas that I think your potential customers will love!  Some require purchases, and some don't.  You'll have to decide before hand exactly how much your willing to give away, and what the criteria will be.

1.  WHEEL SPIN - You can buy a wheel, like the one HERE, and write on it different prize options. You can do maybe a percentage off the order they are doing now, or a future order.  You could also have the prize just be a flat gift certificate or a prize from a prize bin.  The great thing about the wheel, is you can really do all the different prizes as an option.   Along with the actual prize, you'll have to decide if you want every purchase to get a spin, or just a purchase over a certain amount.

2.  DRAWINGS - You can have a raffle where everyone fills out a slip and puts it into a container.  The added bonus to this step is that if you have an email list, you can get their emails on all the raffle tickets to add to your own list (with giving a disclosure on the bottom of the ticket).  The raffle could be for a bigger item (maybe one that's hard to get rid of because of price), or a gif certificate for a later purchase.  Like the last one, you'll have decide what the criteria of the drawing will be.  Does the customer have to purchase something, or can anyone who visits enter?

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3.  PICTURES - This one is for anyone who purchases one of your items.  The giveaway will be held at a later time, most likely the next day (or the day after the fair is over if it's a multiple day one).  With this giveaway, you'll ask people to post pictures of the item they purchased in use, on your page.  You then have them share that post and whoever gets the most likes will win.  This will help push your FB page out to a further audience, and potentially get you more customers.  Again, you'll need to decide if you want to give a gift certificate, percentage off, or just an actual item.  Whichever you chose, make sure you make that clear at the beginning of the contest and you don't change it.

4.  MENTION FB POST - This one is for people who are making a purchase.  Simply put on your FB page "Mention this post and receive (insert %) off on your purchase at my craft fair!"  This one may help get your FB followers to come out to the event to purchase something, so they can get the discount!.

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5.  PICK AN ITEM - For this one, you will have a big container full of items.  It can be small items that you actually sell, or even pens/cups/magnets etc with your business name on it.  If the customer spends the set amount that you require, then they can choose anything in the bin that they want.  This may get your customer buy one more small thing, in order to get something for free.  Everyone loves free stuff!

Have you done any of these giveaways at a craft fair?  How did it work out for you? I'd love to hear in the comments below!


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