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The 8 Top Ways To Get Cheap Yarn!

We all love crocheting, and we all love yarn.  We love looking at yarn, feeling yarn, daydreaming about yarn, and most importantly trying to figure out how to get MORE yarn!  Crocheting wouldn't be crocheting without yarn.  So it is absolutely essential.  Yarn can get pricey though. If you're not careful, you can accidentally spend your whole grocery budget on yarn.  OOPS!!  I have compiled the best ways to get your yarn cheaper.  Cheaper yarn, if you sell your crochet items, means a bigger profit.  So read this list carefully and try out some of these ideas! 

1. - is where people go to sell unwanted gift cards.  You can buy gift cards for almost any store you can think of (as long as they have some in stock).  I've used this for AMC, Children's Place, Kroger and more.  And the best thing? They have gift cards for craft stores too!  There are usually always gift cards for Michaels and Joann's.  These work like any other gift card, where you can also use coupons.  So not only could you get say 5% off on a gift card, you can still use a 20% off coupon and get a total of 25% off your order.  That's just an example. Sometimes you can find better discounted gift cards, sometimes less, but a savings is a savings, right?
FB marketplace - Check out your local Facebook Marketplace.  There are lots of people, who for some reason, give up on crocheting.  I know, I don't know why either!  But it happens.  People buy yarn, and never continue on with their projects, so they want to sell it.  And they usually sell it for about half the price.  

2.  Garage Sales - This is similar to the last one, but I feel like people go even cheaper at garage sales.  They are more willing to negotiate because they don't want to have to bring anything back into the house when it's over. I have had a lot of good finds through garage sales.


3.  Estate Sales - Just like garage sales, may people are trying to get rid of as many things they can at an estate sale.  Usually an estate sale is sell off a loved ones items after they pass.  Because the person doing the selling may not know the value of the yarn, they will probably give you a good price.  I have seen a lot of yarn at estate sales.  I'm a bit of a yarn snob at times though.  Unfortunately, older people often have older yarn.  So you'll need to be careful and check through all of it.  Check quality and brands.  I'm all for cheap yarn, but most projects need multiple skeins.  IF you buy an older type yarn, make sure you won't need more of it, or that you are doing a small project with it, because, most likely, you won't be able to find anymore of it in the stores.  

4.  Knitting Warehouse - There are a lot of online stores where you can buy yarn.  They don't often have a huge discount, but it can be cheaper than buying in the store, because you are buying in bulk.   Knitting Warehouse is one of these types of stores, Lionbrand is another, and there are others out there as well.  

5.  Amazon - I look on Amazon all the time for yarn.  Here you can usually find the yarn a little cheaper than in stores.  To save money, you need to buy in bulk, and you can do that on Amazon.  Often the 6 or 12 packs helps you save a lot of money, plus the shipping is free!  What I also like about Amazon, is that you can often find out of stock colors, discontinued colors, or even discontinued brands.  Ever have a project that your working on, and then realize you need another skein, but the color was discontinued?  That's the worst feeling ever.  Usually, you'll be able to find it on Amazon. 

6.  Ebay - Ebay is one of those sites that I've forgotten about.  When I ran out of a yarn during a blanket project, and realizes the color was discontinued, I ended up on Ebay after doing a google search.  I forgot what a money saver Ebay could be!  Especially with yarn.  Make sure you only click on "Auction" items, as the buy now items aren't usually much of a deal.  You can find some great items though if you are bidding on the items.  Sometimes you'll be outbid, but sometimes you'll luck out and get a great group of yarn for a great price!

7.  Upcycle- Unfortunately, if peruse the Goodwill aisles, I bet you will find at least one crocheted blanket on sale for probably only a couple of dollars.  Someone's loved one spent hours on these, and they end up at Goodwill.  I try to look on the positive side.  At least it was donated so someone else can enjoy it.  It wasn't thrown away, it was donated.  Anyways, you can buy the blanket cheaply, and take it apart.  You can ball up the yarn, and reuse it for whichever project you need it for.  

8.  Coupons - Finally, coupons.  Coupons will always help to make things cheaper.  I know Michael's always has coupons online.  Hobby Lobby always has a 40% off coupon, and Joanne's has an app with great coupons.  

Are there any suggestions that you have?  How do you find your good deals?  Let us know in the comments and share the wealth.  :)