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FREE Giraffe and Dino Freeze Pop Holder Pattern

A couple of years ago I had designed, and published for free, a pattern for a basic Freeze Ice Pop Holder.  It's simple, yet super useful.  My kids NEVER eat an ice pop with out one now.  It keeps their little hands from getting too cold.  I probably made 6 or so for my own kids, and we still have most of them.  The only reason we "lost" a few was because they accidentally get thrown away, or left outside.

I wanted to make some new updated ones, so I decided to make some that fit their personalities and were their favorite things/animals.  First up, my son.  He's all boy through and through and he loves many things.  I decided to make him Dinos (which he told me later that I picked the wrong colors) and giraffes (one of his favorite animals).
Below I have written up the pattern for the add-ons that make up these animals.  You can start by finding the basic pattern for the ice pops here:

Free Freeze Pop Holder


4mm hook for all pieces
4ply yarn in the needed color
crochet needle for sewing in pieces


* I made 3, but you could really make as many as you want.
Round 1: ch2, 3sc in 2nd ch from hook
Round 2: 2sc in each st around (6)
Round 3: *sc, 2sc in next* repeat around (9)
Round 4: sc in each st around (9)
sl st in next two stitches to even it out
Leave a long tail for sewing it on.

I then take that long tail and sew it onto the flat side of the Ice Pop Holder.


Ears (make two)
ch 5
 - Round 1: sl st, sc, sc, (hdc sl st in same space)
 - turn to other side
 - hdc, sc sc sl
tie off on the back side

Brown Ear Pieces (make two)
-  ch2,
-  3hdc in ch 1 sp.  Then slip stitch the tops together so it forms a sort of ball.
-  ch 3 down, then sl st 2 back up.  Leave a tail for sewing onto the ear.
-  weave the tail to the bottom of the brown piece, and use that to sew onto the ear.
-  then sew the ear onto the pop holder.

*I make 3, but you can make as many as you want!
- sc2, 6sc in 1st st, sl st to the top of the first sc.
- tie off and leave a long tail to sew it onto the holder

We call this look "Quarantine Hair".  LOL  Despite me using the wrong colors for the Dino, he loved them!  And has already asked me to make more animals.


  1. How do you crochet the actual thing holding the popsicle?


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