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My Beautiful Girl Turns 6

     Yesterday was  my oldest daughter's birthday.  My beautiful Ashley.  We were so excited to have children and were in love with you the second you were born, even from the second we found out we had finally started a family!  Our love for you has only grown over the years, and will continue to do so.

     We have been through a lot.  Your independence and strength have always been a battle.  Trying to figure out when to let you explore it, as well as when to correct the behavior, is a constant struggle.  You have always been so strong willed, knowing exactly what you want, and you will fight for it until you get it.  This is a characteristic that has me so proud.  There have been many days where I have been worn down, and even slightly defeated because of this.  As parents, we try to control every situation, even when we let you think you are controlling it.  I know, though, that as you get older, this part about you will only help you soar.  It will help you to become a great person, even more so than you are now.

     You often say the sweetest things, caring about your friends and your family.  Your little heart is filled with so much love and wonder.  It's amazing that you have only been on this earth for 6 years, you are so aware of everything and everyone around you.  You love to make me laugh, and I love you for that.  You are actually really funny, and crack me up with your precious smile and laugh that always follows.

     You want more reasons why I love you so much?  Well, of course there are more!  I'm so proud of how smart you are.  You are already reading whole books to me and you haven't even been in Kindergarten yet.  You are so eager to learn that you take it all in.  When I explain things to you, or when your Daddy teaches you about things, you actually listen, even if you don't seem to be doing so, and store it in that big brain of yours. You amaze me at all the facts that you remember, and I'm so proud of the little scholar you are becoming.

     Now onto what you love at this time of your life.  When I asked you what I should tell people you wanted for your birthday you told me: Barbies, art stuff, and outside/sport toys.  Add in cheerleading and that is exactly what you are into.  You just love having fun, being outside, playing with your friends, and getting better at any sport that is thrown at you.

     I look forward to seeing you grow up.  I just know you are going to be great at whatever it is that you chose.  I love you and am so proud of you in many ways.  And please dont be annoyed when I say to you "Show them that back walk over you do" to every person who comes by.  I just love showing you off, sweet girl.


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