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Garage Clean Up

     Here it is, our garage.

     I wouldn't be surprised if it's the messiest one on the block!  And trust me, when we have it open, I'm slightly embarrassed at how much crap we have in here.  It's not just the amount of crap, but how unorganized it is!

     We have lived in our house for 3 years now.  Each spring it seems, we try to tackle the garage.  We get some cleaned out, which basically just makes room for more crap.  It seems that each cleaning, we do get a little deeper into the mess, going through all the boxes that have been there since we moved in.  This time, like most times, we made quite a big pile of stuff that we just want to get rid of.  If we haven't used it in 3 years, it must not be that important right?  Of course I don't want to just throw it away though.  I take time to take pictures of each item, and list them on the online yardsale sites.

     Ashley loves when we clean the garage.  She knows we'll probably be in there for a while, and it's a great time for her to be able to ride her bike and scooter.  She says she wants to help, so we give her a broom and just tell her to sweep.  Often she just gets in the way too much and we tell her to go play.  It also bites us in the butt though because she'll find things that we have taken away from her or haven't felt like pulling out and forgotten about.  "Mommy let's go fly this kite!, Mommy let's go play water balloons, Mommy I want I want I want!"

     Anyways, this Memorial Day weekend, we were able to get a lot cleaned out.  We need to get another big shelf or two, and get the rest organized. The plan is to have enough room for our new car in the garage come winter time.  We DID opt for the 3 car garage so we can actually put our cars in it during the awful Indiana winters.  We only expected to use the third bay for storage, not the whole thing.  Oh well.  We'll just keep plugging away until it's all organized.