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     My oldest, almost 6 years old LOVES Barbies.  I'm serious.  Anytime we are in a store, it doesn't matter what it is, she will find something with Barbies and start trying to get us to buy it.  It could be a shirt, a ball, shoes, a backpack, dolls, accessories or anything else.

     I don't really know how this phase started for her.  She was our awesome little tomboy most of her life, up until she turned 5.  She loved playing sports like soccer, football, or anything with a ball!  She loved comics, especially Iron Man.  I even spent a whole summer crocheting her an Iron Man blanket that fits her full sized bed!  She loved it!  Needless to say, when she told me 6 months later that she didn't want the Iron Man blanket anymore because it was too boyish, I was a little bummed.

     Now her interests have drastically changed.  She loves cheerleading and Barbies.  I, myself, never enjoyed Barbies when I was little. I thought they were boring and was greatly disappointed when I would receive one as a gift.  Not Ashley though!  She told me she wants a Barbie birthday party, and wants Barbies for presents.

     What makes it even worse is that those darn Babies come with so many small parts, that are ending up all over the house!  Have you ever stepped on a miniature high heel?   Well, I can assure you, it doesn't feel good.  Then the little one picks them up, and luckily she is pretty much out of the "I want to put everything in my mouth" phase.  A day after owning these said Barbies, the hair looks like a rat nest.  I've had to make a rule with Ashley also; if she takes the clothes, then she has to put them back on.  Seriously, those outfits have got to be the tightest things.  Getting them back on something that is far from malleable takes way too long!

     Is your daughter in this Barbie phase?  If so, how long did it last.  I ask this, but I'm sure Lilly is going to love Barbies too, because that's just my luck.  Sigh, I don't think I will see my last Barbie for a long time.