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A Letter To Lilly On Her Second Birthday


     Happy 2nd Birthday to my sweet baby, Lilly.  Although, I really can't call you a baby anymore can I?  You are growing into such a big girl and I couldn't be any more proud of you.

     You are known for being the sweet baby.  While walking in stores, you wave to everybody as we walk by.  You give them a smile, and I like to believe, really make their day.  Even when they don't wave back, you don't let it phase you.  You just continue on and wave at the next person you see.  You're innocence is so amazing and I hope that you stay the sweet little girl who likes to make people smile.  It warms my heart to see you truly happy.  The smile on your face, gets me to smile every single time.  Even when you are misbehaving, you just give me that smile, accompanied by the cute little head tilt, and it's so hard to stay mad at you for long.  You are a goofball, and I love it.

Melissa and Doug

     At this point in your life, we are trying to get you to go through great leaps and bounds, and you welcome it with your cheery disposition.  You have started sleeping in a toddler bed at nap time, and you are disappointed when I still put you in your crib at night.  Mommy pats your back to help you fall asleep.  Otherwise, you just get so excited that you are able to get up and play with all your toys instead of going to sleep!  You wake up in your bed, with a proud look on your face, as if to say "Look Mommy, I did it!"  Potty training has been something that we do every now and again, usually at night, or right before bath time.  You have taken it on like a champ and go almost every time I sit you down.  Once Mommy has the time, I know that you will get trained pretty quickly, and I'm so proud of you for that.

     I think I will forever hear your voice saying "Mama eh" over and over again.  You may not say too many words yet, but you definitely understand what is going on.  You are a very smart girl and know exactly what we are asking of you, whether you do it or not is a different story!  You love to keep yourself clean, and to clean up after others.  Anytime you eat, you always want a napkin to clean your hands, face and sometimes tongue!  You love to find trash and throw it away for us, helping us pick up.  Helping give the dog treats is another favorite task of yours to help with.

  You are a small person, but you are full of love.  You love your sister, and your daddy and I so much.  You love giving hugs, blowing kisses, giving high fives, and then following up with a good fist bump!  I know you are entering your terrible two's phase, but I am not going to write to you about all of those instances.  I know that those actions are not shaping the sweet person you are becoming, but just a phase you are exploring to figure out your own identity and independence.  I welcome your strength and I hope to teach you how to be the best person you can be as you grow older.  I love you so much, and I always will! USA, LLC