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How I Broke The Baby News


     Baby number 3 is now on the way to our household.  My husband and I found out we were pregnant about a month before our vacation.  We decided it would be fun to tell my side of the family in person, instead of them finding out through facebook.

     To do this, we had to be very careful if we decided to tell anyone.  That meant, ASHLEY WAS NOT TO KNOW!  She has such a big mouth.  If we told her right away, she would've let it slip.  She is the worst secret keeper, LOL!  Unfotunately, we did have to tell her the day before we left on vacation.  I think she would've figured it out when I took her to the doctors with me and saw the ultrasound.  So we told her, and pleaded with her not to tell anyone until we said it was okay. USA, LLC

     We arrived at my mom's house on Wednesday.  The following Saturday, she was planning a cook-out for family and friends to come visit us.  It was also to celebrate both my daughters June birthdays.  We figured this would be a great time to announce our big news, when everyone was in one place.

     I told my mom that I wanted everyone to come together when singing happy birthday, so that I could do a small Thank You speech for coming out to visit us first.  We have been at her house 3 full days now, and she still had no idea what else I was going to mention during this speech.

    The time came and I asked everyone to come stand around the picnic table so that we could sing "Happy Birthday" to the girls.  Once everyone was ready I started in, thanking them for coming out and how we apologize that it's been four years since we were last home.

     I continued by saying,  "Vacations, and 15 hour road trips, are just really hard with two young girls. Speaking of vacations, I want to let you all know about my mom's upcoming vacation that she doesn't know about yet.  She will be coming out to visit us in January, around January 16th to be exact."

     With that, she got it, and shouted "Are you pregnant????"

     She came out to help when I was due with Lilly and we have always told her that no matter what, we would like her to come out when we are ready to have our next.  She is such a big help, and since we don't live near family, it makes it so much easier with an extra set of hands.  So, since we recently had this conversation when she was last out, she quickly put two and two together.

     At the end of the day, I was talking to Ashley and thanked her for not saying anything, and you know what her response was?  "I kinda forgot Mommy" I guess all the fun she was having with family was more important to her!