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Ice Cream Man!

     It's the dreaded sound for all parents.  When you hear that gut wrenching music, you know what's coming next.


     "Mommy Mommy Mommy, can I please, can I?  Please can I get ice cream from the ice cream man???" All the while, said child is already running out the door, or into the front yard to try to flag him down, without waiting for a response.

     Once your child hits about...let's say 2, they learn that magical sound of the Ice Cream Man.   They've also learned, that if you don't hear it from far away, and/or ask really quickly, the truck will pass by your house, and the adult most likely will not be chasing down the truck that delivers sugar highs to their children mid-day.

     Oh but their happy faces when they succeed, and get the parents to succumb to this fantastic summer tradition.  Sitting on the porch, or the lawn, with fellow lucky-that-day neighbors, enjoying their overpriced summer treat.  As annoying it is to spend $10 on something that probably cost the "Ice Cream Man" $2, the joy that your child exudes, makes it all worth it.  These simple summer memories  will live on, well into their adulthood, when they are the ones being dragged out the front door.

     So go ahead Ice Cream Man.  Continue to go through our neighborhood, and continue to slow down in front of our child filled houses.  Don't for one second think that we don't realize that you go from 15 mph to -2 mph when you hit our section of the street!   It's okay though.  We'll endure this summertime tradition for our children.  Because all we (usually) just want our children to be happy!