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How Craft Fairs Can Help Your Business

I miss doing craft fairs.  I mean I REALLY miss them.  Luckily, I did many of them when I was just starting out, and when I was making my business into what it is today.  Craft fairs are hands down, one of the most important things to do when you are trying to make your crochet business succeed.  You can learn so much from something that seems so simple.  And if your not looking for these small clues, you may miss them.  So I have compiled the top 5 reasons that you should have a craft fair, and what you should be paying attention to when you do.                                                                                                     

1. What people pick up - When people come to your tent/booth, they will gravitate towards what attracts them the most.  If and when they start touching things, that's when you need to pay attention.  What items are they looking at?  Do they put it down quickly, or show it to their family and friends?  What is their facial expressions when they look at the item?  Paying attention to these things will help you understand what people like.  If there is one particular item, that many people look at, then use this information!
  • Put it at the front of your booth to get attention from more people
  • Use pictures of it in your social media to get more likes and orders
  • Make multiple colors and styles of said item
These are all things that can help increase views and sales.  Just from seeing what people are mostly picking up, you can adjust how and what you sell!

2. What people say to their friends - I don't want to condone eavesdropping, but if they are at your booth, then I say to go for it! Listen to what they say!  This one is pretty simple and I probably don't have to tell you, but let your inner people watcher self come out.  They will tell you a lot, without actually talking to you.  You can get intel on if people like the item, if they think the item doesn't look nice, if they think the item is genius, and so on! Use that information to tweak any of your products to the liking of your customers.

3. How many people in your area do the same thing, or know someone who does - I will hear every now and then, "Oh, I should get so and so to make this for me."  I usually try to engage said customer in a conversation at that point.  I ask who they know that crochets, and try to find out if they live in the area or not.  It's always good to know who your competition is.  If there are a lot of people in your area that crochet, then you know you may have to lower your prices in order to get them to buy from you.  

4. What they think of your price - This one is probably one of the most important ones.  People may not tell you online that they think your prices are too high.  Instead they'll just find someone else, and you'd never know that's what is preventing you from getting sales.  During craft fairs though, you can see the reaction to potential customers finding out the price.  If something sells out within the first couple hours, then maybe you should raise your prices a bit.  If people keep looking at an item, but then never buy it, then maybe the price should be lowered.  They will flat out tell you also at craft fairs what they think of the prices.  I've had many people treat craft fairs like flea markets also.  I suggest that you stand firm on your prices for that day.  Don't lower them, unless you already had a sale posted.  Once people see that you are willing to negotiate a price like your at a yard sale, they will always lowball you. 

5. What their kids seem to like- This is another important one, because parents are often trying to have a nice time shopping with their kids.  Kids are impulsive and want things that are colorful and fun.  I tend to try to have some of those fun, cheaper items, towards the front of my tent to get the kids attention.  That way, the parents follow and are drawn into the tent/booth also.  Parents often go to craft fairs to find unique gifts.  Learning what kids at different ages like, will help with your sales.  I'd have to say about half of my sales are people buying children gifts.  So learning what children in your area like, will help you with your sales.  

I highly suggest that you pay attention to all of these little clues.  They will really help you when you are trying to decide what you want to make next, or how to price and advertise items.  Finally, bringing along a small notebook would be helpful to jot notes down when things slow down for a bit.