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Advanced Crochet Patterns to Try

Did you know that when you type in "Advance Crochet" on Etsy, there is a whole section of patterns that come up?  I sure didn't!  Some times, once you've learned all the basic stitches, have learned to even create your own patterns, and are slightly bored with the same old stitches, you just really want to challenge yourself.  This was how I was feeling so I went searching on Etsy for some fun projects! 

All of the patterns that I am showing you are ones that I aspire to do.  I have not done them myself yet, so I'm not necessarily recommending them.  I haven't read through them to see how well and clear the patterns are written.  I just think they are amazing crochet items, and if I ever have some free time, I would love to do them.  I consider myself pretty handy when it comes to crochet, so I would love the challenge!  

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I would love to hear if any of you have done any of these patterns!  How hard do you think they are?  Lilacs are by far my favorite flowers, so I would love to try this last one.  It looks like it would take a bit of time though!  I also really want to try the hat pattern.  I think it looks beautiful and even my oldest would probably wear it....if I made it in black and gray.