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6 Ways to Spruce up Your Craft Fair Table

I could talk about craft fairs all day long.  They are so much fun and I would recommend them to anyone who sells things that they make. When I was doing craft fairs, I would look forward to them for months.  I mean, how could you not when they are your most profitable days and you're out in your community talking to people.  Usually when your talking to the community on these days, they are telling you how talented you are and how amazing it is what you do.  How could you not like hearing that for a whole day?? 

I've done my fair share of craft fairs and I feel like I have it down to a science, hence all the posts I write about them.  There are tips and tricks and advice I've learned along the way that I love sharing with other people.  I'm a teacher, and therefore do not have much time for craft fairs anymore, so I'm spreading my knowledge to those around me.  The last craft fair I was signed up for, I had to cancel, because my daughter had a basketball tournament going on.  I love crocheting, but as I'm sure is the same with most of you, my kids come first.  

One of my most important tips about your table set ups is that you have a table cloth.  It can be the kind that flows, or the elastic kind that is snug around your table.  If you don't have this, no matter what you do for your set ups, it's still going to look messy and unprofessional.  Next, you need to pay attention to how you display your items.  You can not just lay everything out on a table and call it good.  It will look messy and unappealing.  If your table doesn't look professional, then that is telling potential customers that you do not take a lot of pride in your work.  

So I have compiled 6 different items that you can use to spruce up your displays on your tables.  These are not the only things to use, but the ones that I have seen and used that I know look good.  Take some time and go to antique stores, yard sales, and perusing the FB marketplace.  Just because an items intended purpose is not for craft fairs, doesn't mean you can't use it.  Be creative, and think outside the box. How can that item spruce up your space?

Crates are fantastic for having varying heights on your table.  It makes it look interesting when it's not all one level.  They are great for holding many sizes, and displaying many different products.  These have an added bonus also!  After you use it to display your items, it works great as storage or for transporting your items to and from your events.  

I love using coat racks at my events.  It's not something you would think about when trying to plan your setups, but they work really well.  Try to get one that disassembles so it's easy to transport. These are great for displaying any hanging items you have.  I love them for displaying my child purses!

You could easily just fold your blankets and put them on your table, but again, that would start to look messy.  Just think about it.  Someone comes over to look at them, wants to look at the bottom one, so she moves all the rest to get to it.  Then she doesn't even fold them all nicely again when she leaves.  Instead of giving yourself work every time a customer leaves your booth, invest in a quilt rack to display your blankets.  Even if the customer does pick it up to look at it, at least they will not disturb the rest of them.


I love using these fireplace candle holders for my hats.  It's a way to get them off the table, so they are not just laying there.  You could even glue a small styrofoam ball to each space in order to give your hats the rounded look.  You could use these for other small items as well, to give them their own pedestal. 

Wire baskets are great for craft fairs.  They help organize all those small items you may have.  Also, after a customer picks up an item to look at it, they are more likely to put it back in the right spot.  I like these as opposed to regular baskets because even the people walking by can see what are in them. 

Creating more space on your tables can be a challenge at times.  Adding shelves will help with adding space.  You can use the top shelf as well as the space underneath it.  It also helps with creating more design to your space.  It will also help you organize all the different products you have a little better.  

The main takeaway from this post is to be creative.  You don't want a clean, organized space that will invite customers to your booth.  Think outside the box when trying to find different display ideas.  My last suggestion would be to attend other craft fairs.  Look at how others set up their tables.  Take notes on what you think looks nice, and what you think just doesn't work.  This is a business, and you need to do your research just like any other business.  


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