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     This weekend my daughter had her first sleepover!  She didn't go to someone else's house though, she had a friend come to ours.  It was also her friends first time ever having a sleepover, and it went great!

   Her friend came over earlier because they had a fitting for their cheer uniforms that I needed to take them too.  My big thing, was I wanted to make sure that they had a good time, and her friend wouldn't be sad being away from her family.  There was a lot of playing outside, and then inside, and then outside again.  They watched movies, and played hide and seek.  They seemed to be go, go , go all day long.  After they had their cheer fitting, I took them to the playground so they could run around even more.  They had a blast!

     My almost two year old, was loving it as well.  The parents of the friend that came over, are also my youngest's Godparents, so we are close with them and their children.  Lilly loves playing with all of them, so the fact that they were having a sleepover was just as fun for Lilly as it was for Ashley.  Watching her follow her older sister and friend around was a real glimpse into the future!  Only I didn't hear the "Lilly! This is my friend, leave us alone!" phrase yet.  I know in a few years this will happen though!

     Before bed, the girls were watching a movie, "Despicable Me 2" and the friends parents called to talk to her.  She said she only "kinda" missed them. LOL!  Which, although was slightly disappointing for her parents, was great for a first sleepover!  When they went to bed, I let them read books for a little bit and then I turned off the light.  I didn't hear anything else after that, till the morning

     My biggest worry was that they were going to take forever to go to sleep.  That they would be talking and giggling into the night.  But they didn't.  They went right to sleep.  It was perfect!  Now I know I'm never going to hear the end of having more sleepovers, but with how well this one went, it will be hard to say "No".  Now just to get someone to invite Ashley over, and then we get the quite time!  Oh wait, we still have Lilly.   :P