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Mother's Day

     I hope all you wonderful mothers had a great Mother's Day this past Sunday.  It was a beautiful day here in our town, perfect for any outdoor adventure!

     I woke up and my daughter gave me some pretty bracelets that she picked out at the store with Daddy.  I also received lots of art from her that she made at school, and a nice flower!  I was excited for the flower.  Last year I kept my Mother's Day flower alive all summer!  Normally plants do not last that long in my care.

     Unfortunately for us, though, my whole family was sick this weekend.  We were thinking about going to the zoo, and enjoying the day together.  With my oldest being as sick as she was, it was a definite no go.  Poor thing did not feel good at all!  So there was no way we could go outside and put her through such a long day.

     Instead, we went out to a nice breakfast, and later a dinner.  It was very much a nice relaxing day for us, watching movies and shows.  In the end, all I wanted to do for Mothers Day was to be with my children and husband, and that's what I got.  Afterall, I wouldn't be a Mom if it wasn't for them right?

     What did you all do for Mother's Day?