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Get Caught Reading Month

     Although it important to encourage reading year round, May is the official Get Caught Reading Month.  The campaign was started in 1999 and supported by the Association of American Publishers.  It began in order to remind people how much fun it is to read, no matter what the material.  Reading is reading, whether is the newspaper, a fiction novel, non-fiction, magazines or even comics.  Exposure to language at a young age, reading alone and being read to, has been scientifically proven to stimulate brain growth in children.   Also it gives them an advantage over their peers when it is time for them to start school.

     I always remember my mom reading, or at least having a book in her hand as she fell asleep on the couch!  I think because of seeing her read all the time it has made me really enjoy reading.  I like reading non fiction books.  I like to get lost in a world, not my own, and forget about what is going on.  That laundry that needs to be done, or the crochet project that needs to be finished, can all wait, while I enjoy some time with a book.

     I believe Ashley has recently gotten the reading bug as well.  She's only 5, and she has already started to read.  She used to love looking at books, before she knew how to read the words, but now that she actually knows how to read shes hooked!  I love hearing her reading, sounding out words and trying to use her strategies, so that she can get immersed into a story.  I see how proud she is of it, and she has every right to be!

     I've always encouraged my children to enjoy books at a young age.  Even if it's just chewing on them, or looking at the bright pictures.  If you develop a love of books from the start, once they start to read on their own, they'll enjoy it even more!