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Harry Potter Teaching Life Lessons

     While driving to school I was letting Ashley know that we were going to the dealership when I pick her up, so that they could give us an estimate on the trade in value for our car (we're planning on purchasing a new one soon).

She didn't understand banks at first, but she eventually got it.

Ashley:  So you are just going to give them this car and we can get our new car?

Me:  No, the new car will cost more money than this car is worth.

Ashley:  Where do you get the other money?

Me:  Well, Mommy and Daddy have been saving money in the bank.

Ashley:  Oohhh, so like a bank at home and not a robber bank right?

Me:  What do you mean a robber bank?

Ashley:  A bank where robbers steal money.

Me:  Well it is at a big bank like that, but robbers will not be taking our money.

**Then the lightbulb went on**

Ashley:  OHHH, Like Harry Potter's family puts their money in that big bank!!

LOL, I was about to die.  I had to call my husband at work and tell him that him education our daughter on great movies, also was educating her about our world.