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Versatile Crochet Borders

When you make an item, usually you need to have that PERFECT border to finish it off.  When people in the crochet world hear the word border, many of them would think of just blankets.  But there are so many projects out there that could use these amazing borders, besides just blankets.  
There are many many borders out there, including some really cute and amazing ones.  Some of the ones that I've seen that are just pretty darn awesome are the Elephant one, the ice cream one and the rose one.  those would probably be best on blankets, but whatever you chose to put them on, it will definitely add something extra.  For the sake of this post though, I wanted to show you the ones that I think are the most versatile.  The ones that you can really use on any type of crochet item.  These are my top 5 go to borders that I use regularly.  

So in no particular order, here are my favorites!

I love the look of the ribbed border.  Yes, it works for blankets too, but I just wanted to show a couple of other projects it could be used on.  I feel like when you use it on hats, it makes it tighter, but can also stretch more, so that it fits more sizes!  And it works the same as a waste to pants.  This border is also good for the tops of bags, because you can weave through a chain piece and make it into a cinch bag.


The picot stitch is another versatile stitch.  It's great as a border for blankets and my Wall Hanging Name plates.  It also works perfect as teeth in my Shark purse!  I really like how different this stitch is and adds a great style to any project. 

This is actually a new one for me.  I was looking for another border for my daughters Wall Hanging Name plate.  I stumbled across this one and tried it out.  I absolutely loved it!  I think it's so pretty.  It is a big of a yarn eater, but it really gives the project an added style to it.  I'm excited to use it on my next blanket!

This stitch is super easy to do.  It's basically just a single crochet, but you do it backwards, from left to right.  At first, it might feel uncomfortable, but once you are a few stitches in, it really flows quickly.  I like it because it is a nice clean border that really finishes off any project.


The shell stitch is one that I've been using since I've started crocheting.  Its classic and goes with so many different projects.  It's obviously good for borders, but look how cute it also looks on my Christmas Stockings!  

I know there are many many more different borders, but these are just my current favorite go-to borders.  Which ones do you like?  Are you drawn to one more than others with your projects?  I'd love to hear in the comments!


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