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The Perfect Gifts for the Crocheter in Your Life

I made a post a while ago about gift ideas for a crocheter.  You can find that here.  For the original post, I polled many people in the crochet Facebook communities.  There were some great ideas that I, myself, would love to have.  This post, are ideas that I found that I think many crocheters would love to have as well.  Some are for fun, and some are to make crocheting just a bit easier.  I'm sure it's hard to buy for us crocheters.  We are VERY picky about which yarn we like, and everyone likes a different one!  We all have our favorite set of crochet hooks, and even our own favorite stitch.  I'm hoping that this post will make it easier for you to buy that special crocheting someone a gift that they'll love!

This ring counter ring is awesome!  And I honestly think it would look great on a male or a female.  This ring is perfect for helping any crocheter with a big project.  Sometimes patterns call for you to do the same stitch for multiple amounts of rows or rounds, and those rounds and rows can start to blend together.  I've even used pen and paper to make tally marks to keep track.  This ring, though, makes it easy to just adjust and continue on.  All you have to do is do a quick move on it, each time you've finished your row.  Easy peasy!  I promise that any crocheter would enjoy this one!  

If the crocheter you know is anything like me, they'd rather find their own way to make things, than to have to buy them themselves.  Heck, I wrote a whole post about different ways you can make your own pom poms!  That being said, most crocheters would also love this as a gift.  This pom pom maker set makes it easy and quick to make different sized pom poms.  There are a lot of different patterns that use pom poms, so this item would be well used! 

A crocheter can crochet for many hours on end.  This ergonomic crochet hook would help those precious hands.  The great thing about this hook, is that it is interchangeable for different sized hooks.  You just pop in your hook, and use the appropriate gauge to tighten it, and then you are good to go.  Ready to crochet for hours, but without hand pain!

Head lamps are great for a crocheter.  Especially when it gets darker out, or you're working with black yarn (the worst!).  This is a different take on the head band lamp, which might be a little uncomfortable.  This one goes around your neck, and provides two different lights for a wider lit area.  Save those tired eyes, and get this for your crocheter. 

I don't know how many times I've taken my crochet projects with me on the road.  Whether I'm in the passenger seat, waiting for my kids to be done with practice, or just trying to steal a few minutes by myself, I have been known take yarn and hooks with me everywhere.  Having these handy on a keychain would be so much more convenient.  I have lost many crochet hooks, because they are small and skinny and like to walk away.  My hooks wouldn't get lost, and I'd always have a few sizes on me to change up the pattern!

I don't know how many times my yarn has gotten away from me.  Either it gets all knotted because it's just sitting there next to me, or it falls off the table and gets loose and fallen apart.  This is perfect for holding the yarn and keeping it in one place.  

There are a ton of cutesy stitch markers out there on Etsy, but they are expensive and only come in small packs, usually 4-8.  Those are nice, and can be personalized to your particular crocheter, but these are what we really need.  They get lost down the coach cushions, broken easily and more.  We need lots!  This set has 240 and pieces!  This is the economical and smart choice when buying stitch markers.  

Crocheters often have a ton of yarn, all over the place, when they are working on a project.  This caddy would be great to sit next to their seat so they can keep their yarn and hooks organized!  It's so much better having it in something that will keep it from rolling around.  Bonus: it's cute and comes in different patterns!

You don't have to be a crocheter to love to be comfy when doing your favorite things.  Crocheters love to be in their comfy clothes while "listening" to whatever they're streaming on Netflix!  There are lots of styles of crocheting/yarn sweatshirts out there, but I thought this one was especially fun! 

This is in here just for fun.  There are tons of sets out there with different characters.  Sometimes its just fun to have the pattern and all the yarn that you need for said pattern gifted to you!  

I hope these ideas helped you.  If not, I have plenty of ideas on my other post as well (linked at the top of the page).  If you're a crocheter, and there is something that I missed, let me know in the comments!  


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