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The 3 Best Places to Sell Your Patterns

You've spent hours, even weeks, working on those patterns.  You've put your heart and soul into them.  Now you're ready to share them with the world, and maybe even make some money from them.  There are many places where you could place those patterns, but where are the best ones, and what are the differences?  Each site has different requirements and cost different amounts.


I'm here to let you know that you want to post your patterns on Craftsy, Ravelry AND Etsy.  They are all great platforms.  There are people who will only buy on Craftsy, or only buy on Ravelry, or only buy on Etsy.  They have their reason, but usually the biggest one is because they want to keep all of their patterns in one place.

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When I was just beginning, I started off just posting my patterns on Craftsy, after some time I added Ravelry to the list, and then just recently, I finally added Etsy.

Here is a breakdown of the the features and cost of each site. (Actually amounts may be subject to change)

CRAFTSY - This is the first place I listed all my items.  It's where I had bought most of my patterns, and I was the most familiar with it.
  • Very easy to navigate
  • Free to post patterns
  • Selling patterns is free too
  • You need to have a Paypal account to accept money.  See below for Paypal fees.  
  • NOT able to create promotions or sales. 
  • They have an app, but things are easier on desktop version.
RAVELRY - I added my patterns here soon after because I heard from a lot of people in the crochet community that they will ONLY buy patterns here, and I was afraid I was loosing out on sales. 
  • Harder to navigate at first
  • Many features, including a library for all your patterns, upload projects, join "communities" and more. 
  • If you sell under $30 it's free, but over $30 and you will be charged 3.5 % of all sales made.  You can see the pay set up here 
  • Ravelry has a big following, meaning, people seem to prefer purchasing here over other sites.   
  • You need to have a Paypal account to accept money.  See below for Paypal fees.  
  • No app
  • You are able to create sales and promotions for your patterns.  It is really easy, and gives you many options.  This is my favorite feature! 
  • This one is the most expensive (paying for sale fees through the site AND Paypal), but I seem to get more sales through here than the others.

ETSY - I just recently started adding my top selling patterns to Etsy.  Like Ravelry, I was afraid that I was possibly loosing out on sales by not having them here.
  • Has a HUGE audience.  Everyone (almost) has heard of Etsy.  
  • You can sell your products here as well. 
  • Direct deposits to your checking account, so you do NOT need to pay Paypal fees
  • You pay a 20 cent listing fee (Get 40 free listings for signing up here!) and 3.5% of each sale. 
  • Easy to figure out and set up your shop
  • Has an app
  • You can promote your post on the site
  • You can set up coupon codes to offer your customers. 
  • One downside is that it is saturated with many other artists who sell the same thing. 
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PAYPAL - Paypal is great.  It makes exchanging money safe for all parties involved.  I know a lot of my customers feel a lot more comfortable using Paypal as opposed to using credit cards at my online store (which is also very safe).  They do have fees, though, that you will have to pay on top of what each site charges.

  • For every sale you will pay 30 cents, plus 2.9% of the sale price. 

So let me break this pricing down for you.  If you are selling a pattern for $4.95, your fees will be 
There is only a minimal difference between fees with each site.  I would not let that stop you from posting your patterns on all of them.  They each come with their own audience and set of customers, and posting on all of these sites will greatly increase your reach.  If the difference in fees bothers you, you can always change your starting price, depending on the site.  That's completely up to you.  Do not skip a site because it charges more though.  You will lose out on money because some people will only shop through one site.  

I get the majority of my sales from Ravelry.  I also get a good amount from Craftsy, and I have high hopes for Etsy (I've sold 3 patterns in my first week).  

Are there any other sites that you like to post on?  Which is your favorite?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!  


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