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Get Stains Out With This Product!!

I have kids, hence the Mom Blog.  With kids, comes messes.  I have a few stains on my carpets, that regular cleaner has not been able to get out.  They have been there for a couple months, and I have not wanted to fork over $100 to have someone come in and professionally clean my carpets.

So when I was offered a free bottle of STAINMASTER Carpet Cleaner, for my honest review, I was eager to try it.  I hate paying for stuff that I don't know is going to really work or not,  so it's hard for me to find something that I can have as a go-to.  I'm writing this review to hopefully help others out there with the same problem.  Kids.  Oops, I mean, the MESSES that kids leave! USA, LLC

There is one particular spot in my sons room that has been hard to get out.  I eventually gave up, and just hoped that when I DID get a professional in to do my floors, it would come out then.  It was the first spot that I wanted to try this cleaner on.  I think the stain originated from when my son was sick and throwing up one night.  I couldn't get it all out, and it seemed that all dirt just stuck to the stain and made it worse.

Here is THE stain.  It's nasty, and I'm embarrassed it was in my son's room, but there it is.  As you can see, it's pretty dark, and definitely not small.  I started by vacuuming the area to make sure it was free of any excess debris.  I made sure my son was happy playing downstairs, because I didn't want him to get into the chemicals I was about to spray, and I got to work. 

I guess I should have tried spraying it in the sink or something first because I went a little overzealous with the button.  I was afraid that I sprayed too much foam, and it wouldn't dry like the bottle said.  I decided to leave it and see what happened.  The directions said to let the foam dry before going on, so I left it for a bit and the foam just sat on the carpet like that.  

About 15 minutes later I walked in and was a little surprised that there was no foam left.  To be honest, I though one of my children snuck in and wiped it up or something.  I felt the spot, and it was damp.  The foam apparently dissolves into the carpet, and that's what breaks up all the dirt and debris.   It was still just as dark as before, so I was nervous this wasn't going to work as I had hoped.   

After I vacuumed it up with my awesome hand held Dyson, it definitely got a lot of the stain up.  There was still a noticeable spot though.  The bottle said you may need to do it multiple times for stains that are more stubborn, so that's what I did.  

This next picture was after the next go around at the foam.  A little better than before, but still slightly noticeable.  

I tried another time, and this time the stain was completely gone!

I got excited and went and found all the other small stains in the house to try it out.  I wasn't able to get any of the stains out with one treatment, but most of them came out with only 2!  I highly recommend the StainMaster Carpet Cleaner, as I haven't found anything else that works so well.  It really gets it all out, and it's easy.

The Amazing new vacuum we just purchased that made this even easier is our new Handheld Dyson!  Even my 9 year old is excited to do chores with it!!!

Do you have any stains that you need to get out?  I bet this would do it!  Let me know if you try it out!


  1. Good to know about this product. One of my daughters got sick after eating a ton of blueberries and blackberries. Yeah, I'm sure you can imagine how awesome that was to clean up. This would probably help out our carpet.

    1. Oh I bet that's a fun stain!! I bet this would get it out though!

  2. Nice to know. I was just checking out a few small spots in the carpet in my daughter's room this past week. They aren't huge stains but I'm bothered by any little stain so I may have to check this cleaner out! - Amy

  3. This is awesome! I have sooo many stains on my carpet from the dog, kids, and me dropping red wine :) I am going to try this tonight. Thank u

  4. This looks like a product I really need to try! Shell

  5. My little one and dog always seem to get sick at the same time leaving me with plenty of mess to clean up! Sounds like a product I need for my WHITE rugs!


  6. I need this in my life as my toddler was JUST running around with a permanent marker. I need all the help I can get :)

  7. My carpet looks really dirty so I need something will works on those stains

  8. I have the same kid problem here! I have such awful carpet that we are actually getting some replaced next week, but there's a ton upstairs in my kids' rooms that is AWFUL. I can't wait to try this product and see results! Thank you for the suggestion and the great review!

  9. How neat! I have so many stains and would try this if we weren't planning on replacing the carpets soon. Great post!


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