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9 Perfect Gifts for any Dad!

Father's day is right around the corner and before we know it, we'll be scrambling around to find that perfect gift!  Now, I'm not a I asked my husband for some help on this post.  What do dad's really want for Father's Day?  I asked him to find items on Etsy and he came up with a great list!  He even picked something for every "type" of dad!  Perfect.  

I think he did a great job picking out items, so I stand behind his suggestions.  Dad's are great, right?  So let's make sure they get what they want.  In no particular order, let's begin! 


1.  The Griller - If you usually find your dad out by the grill before dinner, then this is the set for him!  They are Laser Engraved with any name/phrase etcetera.  With a wooden handle and leather strap, these 3 grilling utensils are a great gift!

2.  The Handyman - You can get the hammers personalized to say any phrase you want.  They are painted and sealed with multiple layers to ensure a long lasting tool that is both practical and meaningful.

3.  The Craft Beer Connoisseur - This wooden crate holds 2 growlers or 8 bottles of your Dad's favorite craft beer!  All options come with a bottle opener and choice of personalization.  A great rustic, manly look for those beer loving dads.

4.  The Movie Buff - This t-shirt is simple but says a lot, or rather the Dad wearing it says a lot!  Perfect for that Dad that just loves movies, and can't seem to hold a full conversation without inserting a quote at least one!

5.  The New Father - This picture frame is perfect for a desk at work or at home.  Anywhere the new Dad wants to show off his little bundle of joy!  This is another personalized item to make it even more special and meaningful.  

6.  The Traveler - The inspirational photo that any traveling father would love to have.  You can pick his favorite scenery to make it special for him. 

7.  The Office Manager - Every businessman needs a place to hold all of his business cards.  This card holder is perfect as you can have it personalized for your Dad.  With a snap closure, this will hold 10-15 cards (depending on thickness of each).

8.  The Car Guy - Who says car guys can't dress up and look nice?  This is a fun watch that any car Dad would love.  It's great for dress up AND dress down, but yet still stays true to him with the gear shift on the face.

9.  The Geek/Nerd - Who doesn't love Groot?  This mug is perfect for any fan of these types of movies.  If your Dad isn't a coffee drinker, he can use it for hot chocolate, tea, water, or whatever he wants!!

Do you have anything that you think is perfect for your Dad.  I'd love to hear in the comments below.  


  1. Great ideas! Love the beer carrier. I need that :)

  2. Oh my goodness! My Dad would love the groot mug. Such a good idea... now I know what I'm getting him!

  3. Great list, my favorite is the I am Groot mug! I jut got my hubby a shirt for Father's Day that has a picture of Yoda on it and says "Yoda best Dad!

  4. My dad is a pretty simple guy. He likes tools and tinkering with his car. Maybe a personalized hammer with a funny quote would do the trick! Though really I think all he wants is time spent with his grandchildren :)

  5. My Dad is SO hard to buy for! I swear it gets harder every year, but these are some great ideas, thanks for sharing!

  6. Great ideas! I love the engraved hammer. I think my dad would love to have one from my girls!

  7. Fab ideas! The watch is a winner for our home. I think the kids just found the perfect gift!

    1. I love that it can be for every day, or fancy days!

  8. Oh I like the grill set, we've gifted that before it's perfect when someone has a new BBQ! :) I also really like the hammer - will keep that in mind for when I'm stuck with a gift! :)

  9. Loved the picture frame so much! Great list compiled


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