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Just call me the "One Armed Mommy"

     As a parent to a newborn, and now three children, I find life to be even harder.  Knowing this sweet boy is my last baby, I tend to spoil him to some extent.  When he cries or fusses, we pick him up to calm him down.  He loves being in arms and being cuddled, so we continue to do it, because essentially, it seems easier than hearing him cry.

     My mistake!  Now, he is in my arms ALL THE TIME I feel like.  Therefore, I have learned to do many things around the house with one hand, or at least with him in his carrier on my front side.

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In no particular order:

1.  Cooking - this one can be a little scary.  I have to make sure to stand almost sideways if I'm at the stove so that theres no chance of splatter hitting him.  Stirring, coating, serving, all can be done with one hand.  Only when I have to actually cut something do I put him down, in a bouncer, right by my feet so I can rock him

2.  Sweeping

3.  Mopping

4.  Laundry - this one can be a little tricky but it has been done!

5.  Helping the oldest with homework

6.  Helping the toddler with potty training, getting her on and off the potty

7.  ME going potty!

8.  Going outside with the girls to play

9.  Helping my daughter with piano homework

10.  Getting drinks for my thirsty girls

11.  Getting the mail

12.  Taking out trash

13.  Clearing the yard of dog poo - another tricky one!

14.  Vacuuming

15.  Helping the toddler change her clothes

16.  Work on the computer

17.  Bring in and unload groceries

18.  Eat my food (which is usually cold by the time I get it)

19.  Make and drink my coffee

20.  Loading and unloading the dishwasher

21.  Pump milk, and transfer to bottles or freezer bags

22.  Take notes while talking on the phone

23.  Putting toddler down for a nap

24.  Write checks and pay bills

25.  Watching TV - okay, so this one might be easy!
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     I'm sure there are plenty more that I have mastered over these last two months.  I wouldn't change it for the world though.  I just want to take all the cuddles and baby love I can get while he's still this little!  Because, before I know it, he'll be too big for me to carry.  In that one hand I hold one of my most treasured people.  I hold my son who has so much of my heart, as do all my children.  To be able to hold him close is a gift, and I am thankful everyday for him.