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GoGo Squeez Fruit & Veggiez Review

     It's in a pouch so it's gotta be good right??

     Well, as a member of BzzAgent, where I receive free items in exchange for reviewing them, I recently got the new version of GoGo Squeeze.  My girls have always loved food in a pouch, even since they were babies.  We have often picked up the applesauce varieties of GoGo squeeze at the supermarket.  So, when I received these that also have veggies, I knew my girls would love them.  And they did!  We picked out the Boulder Berry flavor, but they also come in Pedal Pedal peach (apple, peach, and sweet potato), Zippin" Zingin' Pear (apple, pear, and carrot), and Great'full Grape (apple, sweet potato, and grape)

     Here they are, in their crazy pajama outfits, enjoying their new fruit pouches.  I gave them these, and pizza rolls for dinner, and both of them went right for the pouches, and didn't put them down until they were gone.  I mean, C'mon, It's pizza rolls!  But no, they wanted their fruit first because of how much they enjoy the taste.

     My girls are not the best at eating their veggies.  They pretty much will only eat broccoli and carrots, and thats only if there is ranch to dip it in!  Whenever I find something fruity that they hide veggies in, I'm all for it.  Usually we do a lot of V8 Fusion (which is veggie and fruits), and now we have another option!

     Now for the part that the moms like.  Like I just said, it's not just fruit, but also veggies, 100% in fact.  They are gluten, nut and dairy free, which is fantastic since there are so many allergies out now.  And, they are all natural.  Which means, I actually can understand the ingredients!  We got the "Boulder Berry" flavor which is apple, carrots, and mixed berry.  The ingredients listed are:

  • apple
  • carrot
  • apple puree concentrate
  • raspberry
  • apple juice concentrate
  • strawberry
  • blueberry
  • and lemon juice concentrate 

The box actually tells you how much is in each pouch:

  • 1/2 of a small apple
  • 3/4 of a small carrot
  • 5 raspberries
  • a few slices of strawberry 
  • and a few blueberries 

 That's pretty awesome!

     At about $2 a box, that makes each pouch around 50 cents each.  Not too bad.  That's what I spend per yogurt cup too, because having individual cups is the only way to go according to my children.  I'm sure I'll definitely be buying the other varieties of GoGo Squeez Fruit & Veggiez for my girls to eat!