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First hotel outnumbered

Last weekend my oldest, Ashley, had a cheer competition out of town.  Out of state actually.  It was only two hours away, but with having a newborn, a competition early in the morning, and the impending snow that we were going to get, we decided it best to get a hotel for the night.

Were we crazy?  A hotel with 3 kids, one being just a month old? USA, LLC

The newborns' sleeping habits were very irregular to say the least.  We are still trying to get him to realize the difference between day and night, and we wanted to take him in a room where we would ALL have to sleep?

Normally when we get a hotel, I shared a bed with my youngest daughter, Lilly (2) while my husband shared a bed with our oldest, Ashley (6).  This time, we had to rearrange.

We got a hotel that was actually set up as a suite.  It had the 2 queen beds, and then a section with a pull out couch.  Ashley was very adamant "I am NOT sharing a bed with Lilly".  This was surprising because they share a bedroom, with bunk beds, and they usually end up in the same bed!

None the less, we figured this would actually help us out that she wanted to be by herself.  So she got to have her own bed on the pull out sofa.  My husband shared a bed with Lilly and I shared a bed with Zach, our newborn.

We went to bed at 9, hoping that with setting our alarm at 6, we would still get some sleep.

Oh, and by the way, yes, we are on old people time, 9 is normal for us even when we are in the comfort of our own home!

Our biggest fear was Zach keeping the girls up, since he tends to wake up 3-4 times a night to nurse, or needing a diaper change.

So, anyways, we went to bed at 9 and I swear Zach only woke up twice!  That's the best he's slept his whole life!

Who is this kid, and what did he do with my baby??

I will say, after his first feeding, around midnight, I put him on his belly.  Yes, Yes, I know about SIDS, and how it's "unsafe" for babies to be on their bellies, but all our children have always slept better this way.  I was right next to him, and had no extra blankets or pillows by him.

So, yes, Zach slept "through" the night!  Me on the other hand.  I was awake from 2-330 on my phone because my body was used to it, while Zach continued to sleep right next to me.

My husband was awake because Lilly kept moving and kicking him.

Ashley was awake because our make shift night light was "too bright" and she for some reason had to go to the bathroom like 3 times that night!

Go figure.  All that worrying about how Zach would do and the child we thought would keep us up slept fantastic!

Now that we conquered our first hotel experience we are ready to take on the world!