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Making Time for Snow Play

While I was pregnant this winter, there was one thing I prayed for daily.

I prayed that there would be no snow on the road the day I went into labor.

Oh of course I prayed for a health baby, and that he had all his fingers and toes.  But what I was really scared of, was not getting to the hospital in time to have my little boy.
I've been known to have quick labors, so I was afraid if we got snow, it would slow us down, and I would have the baby in the car!

Luckily, that did not happen.  We didn't get snow at all in fact, for the first half of winter anyways.  About a month after my son was born, we finally started to get some.

We had our first snow day from school a couple weeks ago, on a Monday, and my girls were so excited to see the snow.  We just hung inside all day playing and watching TV, though.  Towards the end of the day, I started feeling really guilty about not taking them outside to play.  They only asked once, and I had said I can't right now because of Zach.

I told my husband how I felt guilty, and that if there was another school day, AND my husband had to stay home again (to stay in with Zach), that I would definitely take them out to play.

Well the next day they had school.  It was still bad out and the public schools were closed, but since our daughter attends a Catholic school she was still going.

I felt bad, but still felt in the clear.  Geez, I felt guilty just thinking that! But, I knew that the time it would take to get all their snow gear out, bundle them up, and then get it all off of them and clean up the mess indoors, would be a  LOT more time than we would actually spend outside.

Then came Wednesday.  With more snow falling the night before into the early morning, they canceled school again.  My husband stayed home because he didn't want to make the drive into work.
That morning I promised myself that I would take them out no matter what.  And I did.  For the whole 10 minutes they were out, they were all smiles, laughing and having a blast in the freshly fallen snow.

Until Lilly face planted in it.....