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The top 10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Crochet

Crocheting is a wonderful hobby.  It has come a long ways since my grandmother taught me the skill when I was 14.  It's not just about making afghans that adorn the back of the couch anymore.  There are so many reasons why I think that everyone should pick up the hobby.  I have 10 distinct reasons why I think YOU should crochet, if you don't already.  

1.  Ageless
There is no better time to crochet then right now.  At the time my grandmother taught me, the only people I knew that crocheted were older ladies. Now, people of all ages have caught on to this amazing craft!  Kids can be taught the skill and actually enjoy it!  About half of the 4th graders that I taught really took off with it. The best was when I got on Zoom with them, and one of the girls showed me the blanket she made at home during Elearning!  Kids, teens, new moms, moms and grandparents all crochet these days.  Even men have picked up the hobby!  Crocheting is great for any gender and any age!

2.  Relaxing 
Crocheting is so relaxing.  Once you've learned how to do it and feel comfortable with the stitches, it is very calming.  It is a great stress reliever because of the repetitive movements

3.  Keeps Your Hands Busy
How many of you play on your phone while your watching T.V.?  Crocheting is more productive.  You can crochet while watching to T.V. at the same time.  At first you may just be listening, but soon you'll get good enough to actually watch T.V. and not have to look at your crocheting.  Plus, it's a great excuse to get through all those Netflix series you've been wanting to see.  

4. Unique Gifts
Think of all the gifts you can make.  You can buy something real expensive for your loved ones, or you can make them something from the heart.  Crocheted gifts mean a lot more, and are also a lot cheaper!  There are so many things that you can make that you are sure to find something unique for everyone.  I've made hats, scarves, blankets, stuffed animals and more!

5.  Keep Warm
If you know how to crochet, it's easy to keep your kids warm during the winter, as well as yourself.  I love making my kids crocheted hats.  They are warm, and you can easily make a variety for them to wear.  Instead of just sticking with one the whole season, your kids can have many to choose from.  Also, all it costs is a few skeins of yarn to make a nice warm blanket your family can cuddle in.  

6.  Cheap Hobby
When it comes to hobbies, crocheting is a cheap one.  All you need is some yarn, which you can find on sale most of the time, or better yet, donated, and a hook or two.  You don't need to go anywhere, just your coach at home.  

7.  Keeps Your Brain Sharp
Even though it's relaxing, crocheting keeps your brain sharp.  When you work things in the round, you have to keep track of numbers and work in multiples.  I love math, so maybe this is why I think it can still be relaxing.  Either way.  keeping track of numbers and patterns helps train your brain, and it's not a hobby where your not thinking at all.  

8. Easy to Learn
There are many stitches to learn when crocheting, but you don't have to know them all to start.  You can make many things with just the basic stitches.  I taught my 4th graders how to crochet in just an hour or so.  Soon, they were able to make scarves.  As long as you have a couple of dedicated hours, and you really want to learn, it's easy!  Even if you don't have anyone to teach you, there are hundreds of tutorials out there.  You can either watch videos or find step by step guides with pictures.  It's the best time to learn with the internet.


9.  Sense of Accomplishment
When you learn something new, it is always a mood booster.  You feel good about yourself for learning something.  Can you imagine how it feels when you actually make something useful?  It feels wonderful!  And then your friends and family will start telling you how great you are for being able to make these items.  Crocheting gives you a great sense of accomplishment and we all need a little of that in our lives.  

10. Portable hobby
Finally, you can take crocheting with you anywhere!  I've taken my crochet projects with me on the road, to my kids practices and even on vacations.  All you need is a little bag to carry your materials.  It's easy to pull out, work on it, and then put it back in the bag.  


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