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Gifts for a Crocheter

Are you looking for something to buy that crocheter in your life?  Are you at a loss as to what crocheters would really want?  Well, honestly, most of us would be happy with anything!  I wanted to make sure I provided a list that all crocheters would agree with.  Therefore, I polled my fellow crocheters in the Facebook groups that I am a part of.  With their help, I came up with a list of items that will sure to be a hit with the crocheter you are buying for.  These gifts will be perfect for Christmas, birthdays, Mother's Day, anniversaries, or just a Wednesday!

THE YARNIT - This is a great contraption for people who love to roll their yarn, so that they don't have to pull it apart mid project, but don't want it rolling all over the place while they are working with it.  This Yarnit, holds the ball in place inside, while you crochet, by pulling the yarn through the hole.  It opens and closes securely for easy switching out.

YARN BALL WINDER - Just like I mentioned above, a lot of crocheters like to turn their skeins into balls, to prevent mid project knots.  It takes time doing it by hand, and this winder makes it go so much quicker.  There are smaller versions out there, but this is a great one because you can fit 10 oz of yarn onto it.  The smaller ones are frustrating because you can't put a whole skein on it.

BLOCKING BOARD- Anyone who makes blankets, or anything made with granny squares will absolutely LOVE this.  Even with the most novice crocheters, these adorable squares will start to curve a little bit and it makes it slightly uneven once they are put together.  This blocking board board will "block" the square so it's perfectly flat and even.

LIGHT/HEADLAMP- This might seem silly to most, but when we start working with small stitches or dark yarn, it gets really hard to see.  A good headlamp is helpful for this, or even a nice tall standing lamp that we can put right next to our seat.

STICH MARKERS - For some reason, these things have legs.  They are small and like to disappear. Luckily they are pretty cheap to get some basic ones.  An added touch would be to get the fancy ones that are made, that can suit your crocheters personality!   These are used to mark your spot so you don't need to always count.  I personally also use them for marking where I want to sew things on.  They are great and have many uses!

HOOKS - Hooks are easy to find, and just as easy to loose.  Us crocheters usually have plenty of hooks, but what we really want are those fancy ones that we just can't seem to spend our own money on.  These would be a great gift and we all love new hooks, especially ones that are different than the norm.  You can find plenty of fun ones on Etsy, these are just an example of some nice wooden ones.

SCISSORS - Scissors get dull over time, so a nice pair of new crafting scissors is always appreciated.

CLOVER CUTTER - These are a popular alternative to regular scissors.  It is just a pendent, that you can attach to a chain, for a necklace.  It's something different and fun that a crocheter would love.

YARN BAG - There are lots of options for this, but any bag that has lots of pockets, and room for yarn and our accessories would be great.  We are always taking our projects along with us, whether its to our kids games, drop off lines at school, or just on travel.  It's nice to be able to have a bag dedicated for this.  This bag listed, is a great one because you can have 4 skeins in use at once, with the holes on the top to thread it through.

BOOKS - A lot of people mentioned they would love to have some good crochet books.  There are lots of different ones out there that are great.  There are ones that have patterns for blankets, animals and more, and then there are books that just explain different stitches.  They are all great!

CROCHET ROTARY CUTTER- This is a fun item to have in your toolbox.  It's for cutting holes evenly throughout fabric so you can crochet onto it!

LIGHT UP HOOKS - These are another alternative to different hooks to buy.  It's not something that most have, but we would all love to own it!  They help to see the stitches when they are small or you are using dark yarn!

FUN CROCHETED ITEMS - These are my favorite.  I could look at these all day and giggle.  I showed my husband this shirt and he just laughed, because he knows exactly what it means!  All crocheters love this.  We laugh because we're called hookers, and we agree that we never actually watch tv, but listen.  All the little inside jokes are fun, and gifts that go along with those are great!  I'm going to post a few more pictures of ideas, and you can just click the picture to get the link.

If none of these gifts work, a gift card to any craft store is always appreciated!  Most likely the person you get it for will end up using it on yarn for orders, but then you know they are getting what they actually need.

All of these ideas are perfect, but if you don't have any money to spend, then give the gift of time.  It's hard to always find time to finish the projects we have going on, so you can help out the crocheter by offering your time.  Help clean the house, or watch the kids for an hour, so they can lock themselves away and just crochet.  Trust me, your friend/loved one would love this just as much!