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Strawberry Pizza!

Yes, you read that title right.  Strawberry Pizza!  I was confused, too, when my 5 year old came running over to me asking if we could make it.

You see, for her 5th birthday, my Mom signed her up for a Highlights High Five Magazine Subscription.  My oldest got this as well, but has since moved up to the regular Highlights magazine.  It was written in my 5 year olds birthday card, that she would now be getting these magazines, but of course, at this age, she didn't really get it because she didn't have it in her hands at that moment.  When her first magazine came in though, she was so excited!  She doesn't normally get mail, unless it's her birthday or another holiday, so it was very exciting to her to get something of her own.  She was breezing though it, and then came running to me when she saw the recipe.  The Strawberry Pizza recipe.  She was so excited about it, there was no way I could say "No" to her.

When my oldest daughter caught on to what we were talking about, she wanted to participate as well.  So I loaded the kids up in the car to go to the grocery store to get the supplies we needed.

Wearing a princess crown is a necessity when going to the grocery store!

She was too funny carrying around her magazine, going up to anyone that would listen, to tell them about her strawberry pizza she was going to make.  

When we got home, I had a normal Mom moment, and got too busy to follow through and actually make the pizza that day.  After a lot of convincing, I promised them that we could make it the next day.  

We needed: 
Melted butter
Pizza dough
 Cinnamon & sugar

I let my oldest help cut the strawberries.  There's no way I would ever trust my 5 year old with a sharp object!  

She started by kneading the dough together.  

Once the dough was in a nice ball, they pressed it out into a circular shape.  Then the brushed the melted butter on.  

Next came adding the sliced strawberries.

It was finished up by sprinkling the cinnamon and sugar all over it.  They may of gone a little overboard with this part, but who can blame them!  

The pizzas were put in the oven at 350 for about 25 minutes.  

The looked promising when they came out.

My oldest wasn't a fan, and neither was I, really.  The strawberries kind of made the dough mushy underneath, even though it was cooked all the way through.  Also, unless you got a spot where they pretty much dumped the cinnamon sugar, it was pretty bland.  
My 5 year old, and 2 year old son, LOVED it though!  They finished off the rest of the pizzas, and my 5 year old is already talking about the next time we will make it again.  I told her to wait and see what recipe is in her next magazine and maybe we can try that one!

Highlights Magazines are really great for kids.  They actually even have a toddler version that I have yet to try out, but I bet it's fantastic.  My girls love the preschool version (Highlights High Five) and the school aged version (Highlights Magazine) and look forward to it every month! I can barely even get in the door from getting the mail before they see it and rip it out of my hands.  

The magazines are filled with stories, poems, recipes, puzzles and more.  They are very age appropriate and I think they are great for all kids.  My oldest daughter also loves going on their website, where they have even more content to play around with! 


  1. Such fun memories you're making with your girls!!

  2. What a great way to spend quality time together! Do you think it would taste good with blueberries instead of the strawberries?

    1. I'm not a huge fan of blueberries myself, so I'd prefer strawberries myself. I bet blueberries would work just as well though!

  3. That is such a great idea, and those little girls are learning while having quality time with you!

  4. Omg this looks so yummy ! I've never really had sweet pizza but think I'll try myself now ! Great to have with the kids too !!!

  5. I love this. They look so happy and enjoyed the moment.


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