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Curious George With My Son

My son likes 3 television shows these days.  His favorite, currently, is Veggie Tales.  This favorite sprung from a book he received for Christmas.  Every since he got that book, and had everyone in the house read it to him repeatedly, he just cannot get enough of that talking cucumber and tomato!

Melissa and Doug

His other favorites include Mickey Mouse and Curious George.  Elmo was at the top of his list, which is why he got tons of Elmo stuff for Christmas.  Of course, the Veggie Tales book had to change all of that.

Anyways, he likes watching Curious George with my 4 year old.  When I heard that he was going to be at the toy store in the mall, I knew I had to take him.  Besides Santa, he has never seen a character that seemed fictional to him (not that he knows what that means!) I was really curious how he would react.  Would he scream? Cry? Hide behind me?  Or would he love it?

I do a lot with his sisters.  They have school, their activities, and friends.  My son usually just comes along for the ride.  Most of what we do and where we go is not for HIM.  This is a big reason why I wanted to take him.  I had to leave my fitness class early, just to make sure that I made it there on time.

THIS was a priority, obviously, because I even went in my workout gear.  Yuck!

Despite how many times I told him who we were going to see, I don't think he really understood until we got there.  There wasn't a big smile or anything, but there also weren't tears.  He was more curious (pun intended) about what was going on.  He kept looking in George's direction, and watched all the other kids hide behind their Mommy's or crying because their Mommy was handing them to this scary life-sized cartoon character.

LEGO Canada

We waited in line for our turn, all the while, my son was just taking everything in.  When it was his turn I thought "Here it is.  What is his reaction going to be?"

We started with high fives and waving.  I decided to try a little more and asked if he wanted to give Curious George a hug.  He shook his head yes so I handed him over.

I tried so hard to get a picture of my son and one of his favorite characters but he was just in awe of him.  A little confused, a little scared, and amazed all at once!

I'm not sure he'll even remember this in a week but I hope he somehow knows that it was for him.  I love this little man so much and I don't want him to feel like his sisters get everything.  He amazes us everyday and we are so proud of him.