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Valentines: 2nd Grader Style!

Guys, I have 3 kids.  Making Valentines cards is getting more and more time consuming.  Granted I only have 2 of the 3 in school, but my preschooler has a morning class and an afternoon class, so she has to have 2 sets of "cards" alone.  

Back when I just had my oldest in school, and my second was just a wee little baby who just laid in her swing, or bounced in a exersaucer (basically able to be contained), I only had one set of Valentines to prepare.  We did fun stuff like melting crayons into new heart shaped crayons and all of those other artsy things.

This year, I was super thankful for my very creative 2nd grader.  She loves during Perler beads.

She enjoys it so much that she has been taking orders from her friends at school and making them some.  She'll sit at her table for hours just working on these.  I think it's just really relaxing and quiet for her.  It's a way for her to get away from the craziness of her brother and sister!

Anyways, when Valentine's Day started to approach, she decided she wanted to make little hearts for all her classmates.  Me being the practical one, was worried that they would just get thrown away, since there's really nothing you can do with something that small.  So I suggested we buy keychains to put on them so her friends could attach them to her backpacks.  She loved it!  

She created 20 different little hearts, all in a different color, and one big one for her teacher!  With a little help from Mommy, she attached all the keychains.  Then she made cutout hearts, and because she has my corny set of humor, wrote on them "Would you BEAD my Valentine"!  So cute!  

On the way to school this morning I told her that there was only one problem.  All her friends were going to have a heart keychain on their backpack and she forgot to make herself one!  She said she's going to make a multi-colored one for herself, to represent all of her friends.  She may drive me crazy at times, but she really does have a sweet heart!