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Lorissa's Kitchen Jerky Product Review

I was very excited to try out my newest product I received in the mail the other day.  As a member of BzzAgent, I get free product samples in return for my honest opinion.  When I was asked to join this campain, I eagerly accepted.

As I've said previously, I am on a diet.  All of my meals are provided and I have to add in my own PF's (powerfuels, ie. protein) and SC's (smartcarbs, i.e. carbs such as fruit).  The nutritional facts on these jerky bags were perfect to use as a PF (or protein).  A proper serving of protein should included 80-120 calories, and AT LEAST 5 grams of protein.

One serving of these delicious dried meats are only 80 calories, but 11 grams of protein!  Perfect for fueling your body throughout the day.   Now, the package I have shown is the 1 oz sample I received.  The packages you can buy in the store are 2.25 oz, with, obviously, the same serving information.

One of the selling points that they put on the packaging is that they have no msg, no preservative and are not raised with added growth hormones!

Now for the taste...

Korean BBQ - This one was one of my favorites.  It had a great BBQ taste and wasn't spicy at all.    It is made from beef which is what I'm used to for jerky so the meaty flavor was just right for me. 

Sweet Chili - Although I haven't had jerky made from pork, I liked this one as well.  It definitely made my top 2!   There was almost a General Tso's flavor to it, which was interestingly good. You'll need some water with this one though as there is a slight kick.  

Szechuan Peppercorn - At first, I really liked the flavor of the peppercorn, but the szechuan flavor gave it a weird aftertaste.  This one was made from beef as well, so I had high hopes for it.  This had a kick to it as well so have the water handy!

Ginger Teriyaki - I did not like this one at all.  Maybe because it was made from poultry and the texture just seemed really weird to me.  I didn't really enjoy the ginger teriyaki flavor either.  

Basically, I'll definitely get the Korean BBQ and the Sweet Chili flavors again, and have done so already.  I love jerky as it is, and these 2 were great because they offered new flavors from what I was previously used too.  

What's even better is this is something you can take with you!  If you're on the go, it's a great go-to protein snack!.