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SInce I Don't Have a Cleaning Fairy....

      Cleaning the house is probably my least favorite thing to do as a stay at home mom.  Although I love a clean fresh smelling house, the time that it takes to get it that way is not high on my priority list.  I'd much rather go to the gym, blog, crochet, or take walks with my children.

     Maybe I dislike it so much because I feel like it's pointless.  I will clean the house, top to bottom, during the day, but once the kids wake up, and come home from school, I feel like it's back to the way it started.  So much so, that when my husband gets home later in the day, closer to dinner, he'll make a comment about how he thought I said I had cleaned.  And I can't blame him!  Once the kids are let loose, the house has toys, crumbs, diapers, and art supplies littered all over it.  It's hard to keep up with the cleaning, when the kids are not very good at cleaning up after themselves.  Okay so maybe the baby shouldn't have to clean up, but I would at least like to believe that a 2 and 6 year old should understand the habit of picking up before starting something new! USA, LLC

EVERYDAY -    1. Sweep
                            2. Load and unload dishwasher
                            3. Laundry (UGH!!)
MONDAY -        1.  Pick up toys, trash, dishes and everything else from the weekend.
                            2.  Clean kitchen
                                   - Wipe down table, countertops and chairs
                                   -  Clean everything with clorox wipes
                                   -  Clean microwave
                                   -  Wipe down all stainless steel with wipes
                                   -  Wipe down cabinets

TUESDAY -        1.  Vacuum carpets in all room (after applying carpet fresh powder)
                             2.  Lysol all door knobs
                             3.  Mop floors downstairs

WEDNESDAY-  1.  Clean bathrooms
                                   - Mirrors
                                   - Countertops
                                   - Toilets
                                   - Floors
                                   - Shower/tub

THURSDAY-     1.  Dust house
                                   - Pledge all the wood
                                   - Windex all frames
                                   - Duster on everything else

FRIDAY-            1.  Vacuum carpets in all rooms (after applying carpet fresh powder)
                            2.  Mop floors downstairs

     I'm going to start this next week....I hope!

     Do you have any cleaning routines that you do to keep your house in order?  I'd love to hear them!