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Proud Mommy

     Now that my oldest daughter is 6, we decided that it would be a good year for her to start giving up something for lent.  She's old enough to understand the reason for it, as well as hold herself accountable.  A few days before lent started, we told her that she would have to choose something.  It was up to her what she wanted to give up and we only guided her a little bit by telling her what we were giving up ourselves.

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     One of the ideas that she had was to stop fighting with her sister.  Although I would love for this to happen, I nixed that one real quick, knowing that it would NEVER happen.  I told her it had to be something she could actually do!!  I mean, they can't even be around each other for 5 minutes without fighting, let alone 40 days!  Then she thought about giving up the Ipad, but she changed her mind when we told her that meant also the TV, since what she's doing on the Ipad is watching shows.  There were other ideas that she had tossed around with us, but she eventually decided on giving up candy, and we agreed that would be a good one, since it's a good idea to give up a bad habit to try to make yourself a better person.

     I have to say, I have been so proud of her during lent.  I thought, that since she was young and it was her first time, she might not see the importance of giving up candy, and try to sneak it.  The first day at school, she came home with a piece of candy.  I asked her about it and she said that it was in her lunchable (which I completely forgot about) and that since she couldn't have it she was saving it for her sister!  Another time, I was at Sams Club with the kids.  They get so excited to go because of the samples there.  On this one particular day, they were giving away M&M's and Jellybeans.  I took a container for Lilly and I after Ashley reminded me that she could not have any.  She didn't complain at all that we got to eat it and she didn't.  She just said, it's okay, Jesus gave his life up for us, so we can give up something for him.

     Her Catholic school would be so proud!  I wonder if this value would have still been as important to her if she had gone to a public school.  I really think the reason that she is doing such a good job, is because of her amazing teachers at her school.

     She's still 6 though, and asks me at least every other day, how long is it till Easter, and if she's allowed to eat candy on Easter.  I have a feeling she may have a belly ache from all the candy she's going to consume!