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All Things Pumpkin - Best Paid Patterns

There are people out there who LOVE Halloween.  I'm more of a Christmas girl myself, but I can see the appeal for Halloween.  When else do you get a chance to pretend to be something else.  When do you get to dress up and be completely out of the norm, without anyone batting (see what I did there?) an eye.  One thing I myself love about the Halloween season is that it's the start of the Holiday season!!!  There's nothing better than the "ber" months (September, October, November, and December).  They are full of fantastic weather, great holidays, schools, football, and just a great sense of togetherness.  

I have compiled a list of my favorite Halloween PAID patterns.  These are so great, that they are worth paying a little money for. 

amigurumi doll crochet pattern by sasha koffer image 0

CROCHET PATTERN Bulky & Quick Rustic Farmhouse Pumpkin Pattern image 0

Crochet Pumpkin Coasters Fall Decor Halloween Decor image 0

Crochet Braided Pumpkin Wreath PATTERN pdf instant digital image 0

Crochet pattern pdf halloween house  pumpkin image 0

CROCHET PATTERN  Pumpkin Train CV134 Pumpkin Express  PDF image 0

Crochet Pumpkin Rattle Pattern Crochet Pumpkin Pattern image 1

CROCHET PATTERN  CV109 Crochet Stacked Pumpkins Door Hanging image 0

Crochet Wine Cozy Pattern Crochet Pumpkin Pattern Pumpkin image 0