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Crochet and COVID

COVID-19 has really giving us a lot of time that we were not expecting.  I'm so used to only being able to sit down and relax for maybe 45 minutes a day.  My days are usually filled with teaching and then driving my kids around to whichever activity they had that night.  It's such strange concept that we "HAVE" to stay home.  I mean seriously, I would often have to fill my gas tank up twice a week!  I filled up my tank 5 and a half weeks ago and I JUST filled it up this morning!  That's crazy!!

Anyways, I've had a lot more time on my hand to spend with my children, husband, work on the house, and of course, crochet!  Soooo..what am I crocheting??

Well, during Christmas break I started a blanket.  Started being the main word.  I used a basic waffle stitch pattern.  I love how even basic stitches can create such beautiful items! I had 2 weeks off, but I was busy with many other things so I didn't get much done.  Maybe only an 8th of it.  So when it was announced that school would be E-learning for the rest of the school year, I knew I would have some time to crochet.

I am a fast crocheter....if I have time.  I'm still trying to teach my class via the internet, help my own kids with their school work, especially the little ones, and keep up with the home projects and cleaning.  A few weeks into E-learning, and I was able to get the blanket done.  My kids love crocheted blankets for when we're all watching TV together.  And fits in the blanket basket!

Next up I have a lot of free patterns that I'd like to write up.  I'm working on creating new and improved Ice Pop holders.  I have already published a free pattern for a basic one (that you can find here), but my kids were asking for some new ones, so I thought I'd fancy them up a bit.  Once I have them finished, I'll post the free patterns on my blog.  I plan on making a giraffe, dinosaur, mermaid, unicorn and more!  Name plates, mini christmas stockings and other ideas that are brewing will also be coming up as free patterns soon!  So stayed tuned.  Subscribe to my email so you'll never miss a free pattern.  

I would love to hear what you have been working on during the quarantine.  I realize that it is almost over, or already over for some of the country, but I'm sure lots of people produced some amazing crochet items.  I love looking at others creations and seeing how talented everyone is.  So comment away, let me know what YOU made!